The sky is the limit with Galaxy


They were four friends with a dream they believed was well beyond their reach. Nevertheless they clung to it through four years of college, basic training in the military, specialized training for a branch of Special Forces and then sixteen years in one of those Special Forces branches. For John “Rocket” Hardin it was Delta Force, for Luke “ Viper” Roman it was the SEALs, for Scott “Blaze” Miranda it was the Force Recon Marines and for Vic “ Eagle”  Bodine it was the Army Ranger. The dream was what kept them going, even thr9ugh the worst firefights.

When they met for dinner to celebrate the end of their military service and discuss the future, they bought a Powerball lottery ticket just for kicks, hoping to win a couple of hundred dollars. They never expected to win the jackpot of $1.56 billion, but now they are hit with the shocking realization that their dream can become a reality. Galaxy, a private air charter service, will also service as the mask for a definitive black ops operation. They will take only took specialized cases that utilizes their unique skills. No office. All meetings will be on the plane. Although they will also book regular charter, the people who require their services will book “a flight to nowhere.” Advertising is by word of mouth only. Viper and Rocket are both licensed pilots so the business is definitely a go.

Money, they soon learn, really can buy anything. Choosing Tampa (Rocket’s home town) as their base of operations, it isn’t long before Galaxy Air (so-called because they are reaching for the stars) boasts its own private airfield with a Gulfstream G500 (flying distance 7,000+), and a waterfront lot with a boathouse holding both a sleek cabin cruiser and a speedy bowrider. Just in case.

Galaxy is open for business.

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