Soul Dreams

Where secret wishes can come true


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Sometimes life just really kicks you in the ass. For Nina Foster it damaged her heart. For Blake Massie, it damaged everything. Could they keep their secrets while still answering that electric attraction between them? 

Books and More owner, Nina Foster doesn’t believe in love anymore. Twice, men have crushed her heart. Now, she’s resigned herself to making hot chocolate and baking cookies for the customers who enter her store. She can’t risk her heart again. Blake Massie hides away from the world, nursing his scars. He sees himself as a monster that no one could ever love. A self-imposed recluse, he won’t allow himself to open up emotionally, afraid of being burned like his skin was ravaged from a stable fire.

Unable to reach out in person, the pair communicate via the Internet. Not long after, the dreams begin—hot and erotic, his always beginning where hers ends. He invites her into his house but only if she remains blindfolded. Night after night, they explore the feelings, their passion growing. As Christmas approaches Blake knows if he is to learn the secret of Nina’s heart he must tell her his. Can they both take a chance and follow their deepest soul dreams?


Before she realized it he turned her to face him, one arm around her, the other hand cupping her chin. In a moment he pressed his lips against hers, a butterfly touch, so feather light it was barely there. When she didn’t pull away he pressed hard. And when her arms automatically came up to wrap around him he traced the seam of her lips with his tongue. He kissed one corner of her mouth then the other before murmuring “Open for me. Please.”.

It was the dream all over again, except this time she could actually taste him and he was delicious. She opened her mouth to let his tongue sweep inside, and she offered him her won. It wasn’t the most passionate kiss she’d ever had or the most aggressive but it certainly was the most possessive. As if he was somehow claiming ownership. And she had no desire to push him away.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, as soft as that of his beard, and held his head to hers while he gently plundered her mouth. His tongue lit fires every place he touch, the heat flowing down through her body and making her muscles clench with desire. This was at once the most erotic and the most emotional kiss she’d ever shared and she never wanted it to stop. It was only lack of oxygen that made them break the kiss at least. She kept her arms around him, hoping he’d take it as a sign not to let go of her, either. They sat there for a long moment, arms wrapped around each other, her head against his shoulder.

“I dreamed about kissing you like this.”

The words were whispered so softly at first Nina wasn’t sure she heard correctly.

“You did?”

“Uh huh. A lot.” He gently nipped her ear lobe. “About tasting you, inhaling your scent. Touching you everywhere. Are your dreams like that?”

She squeezed her thighs together against the sudden hunger beating in her pussy, her breath uneven, her voice unsteady when she answered him.

“Yes. Yes, they are.” She stroked his beard again. “Blake? Won’t you please take off the blindfold so I can see you?”

His muscles tightened for a moment then relaxed. “No. I can’t do that. Not yet. Please don’t ask me.” His laugh was forced. “Let’s just keep this a fantasy for now, okay? Can we do that?”

“All right.” The words sounded so desperate  how could she say no? She wanted to ask him why but thought better of it. She didn’t want to break the spell that seemed to have fallen over them.

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