See me smiling! When an author writes a book, she (or he) always hopes it will be a lasting hit. I went through a shifter phase (after I met a real live wolf!). The Sentinels is a series about an investigative and protection agency who members are all shifters. I loved writing that story SO MUCH! Well, here it is, 13 years after it first released, and NIGHT MOVES, one of the eight stories, is currently #6 on the Totally Bound Most Popular Books list. Holy crap and woo hoo!
***She was being stalked, her only protection a shifter, who heated her passion beyond anything she’d ever known.
When a stalker began turning prosecuting attorney Regan Matthews’ life upside down, she turned to The Sentinels, a shadowy security agency, for protection. The moment she met Brian Spencer her body responded as if electricity had zapped every hormone. Less than twenty four hours after hiring him they were having wild, erotic sex on every surface they could find. That didn’t shock her nearly as much as discovering all the Sentinels were shapeshifters.
As The Sentinels close in on the stalker, Regan wonders if she could love a man who was half wolf, no matter how hot or safe he made her feel.

Brian Spencer, Luke’s brother, is hired by Regan Matthews because she has a stalker. She’s an assistant prosecuting attorney who’s being threatened. She hasn’t asked for police protection because she doesn’t trust anyone, she thinks there’s a leak. It could be the trial she’s conducting. She hires Brian to find out who’s stalking her and to be her bodyguard until the person is found.  Although he posts a guard at her home at night, he shifts to his wolf form and sleeps with one eye open at the edge of her yard, his wolf senses always on the alert. When her stalker attacks her guard one night and breaks into her house, Brian races into the house still as a wolf. The stalker manages to get away and Brian shifts in front of Regan, leaving himself open to questions from her. But amazingly, she is completely turned on by this and they have the hottest sex she’s ever experienced. As they pursue her stalker, she comes to accept his wolven self more and more, the sex between them becomes hotter and hotter, and at the end he claims her as his mate.


His large, warm hands came to rest on her shoulders, and his head bent so their lips almost touched.

“I know this is crazy, not to mention unprofessional, and you have every right to kick me out of here. But if you don’t, I’m going to fuck your brains out until neither of us can move. So which is it, Regan? Stay or go?”

She couldn’t speak, merely lifting her head a fraction of an inch until their lips touched. The kiss exploded, his tongue tracing the line of her mouth, forcing her lips apart, sweeping inside to find her own small tongue and wrapping his around it, sucking it into his mouth. Her head reeled and pulses she didn’t even know she had came to life. His hands found her breasts beneath the thin material of her blouse, squeezing and plumping them, his fingers pinching nipples now almost painfully swollen.

“I have to have you.” His voice was harsh, thick with need as he lifted his mouth from hers. “Right here. Right now.”

“Yes.” She barely got the word out before he was stripping her clothes off, dropping them into a heap on the floor. Seconds more and he was out of his own clothing, pressing her against the kitchen wall and dropping to his knees in front of her. Lean fingers separated her thighs. He bent his head and swiped the length of her slit with his tongue. She shook with sensation, a mewling sound coming from the back of her throat.

Calloused thumbs pressed her labia open, and his tongue invaded her inner lips, then circled the opening of her cunt with the tip. She shivered at his touch, her cream poured into his mouth and her inner walls fluttered in response. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she clutched them for balance, feeling the flex of hard muscle beneath his warm skin. Her head fell back, hitting the wall, but she couldn’t have cared less. All she could focus on was that hot, wicked tongue doing clever things to her cunt. She rocked her hips forward, urging him to plunge his tongue inside her.

When he did, she couldn’t restrain the tiny shudders that raced through her, pulling at her, drawing more liquid from her. Her hands tightened on his shoulders, fingers digging into his flesh, as one spasm built on another. When he bit down lightly on her clit, her whole body tried to clench, but Brian was relentless, not giving her a moment to catch her breath.

As each spasm died down, he lapped at her, probing her with his tongue and tormenting her clit until the convulsions raced through her again. She wanted to squeeze her legs together, to push herself over the final ledge into space, but his hands kept her thighs far apart and her cunt open to his marauding mouth.

When he released her and rose to his full height, his chin glistening with her cream, she wanted to scream at him to do it more. Again. Harder. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue coated with her taste inside her mouth. This time when he broke the kiss, he lifted her into his arms.

“Bedroom,” he growled, his voice low and rough.

“Upstairs,” she gasped. “First door.”