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Today we touch on Book #2 in each series. Get ready to comment and one-click!!!!


Heroes Rising prequel #2


I had deliberately left some strings dangling in GUARDING JENNA, unfinished business that made some people yell, “What the hell?” But there was too much to dup it all in one story, and besides, Jenna’s story needed to be told by itself. But most of those strings I tied off in UNMASKING EVIL.

The dark shadow still looms over the area…

Michaela (Micki) Schroeder hasn’t been home since the arrest and conviction of the longtime sheriff for raping young girls and killing those who tried to report it. She’s home for the celebration of her father’s sixtieth birthday and immediately is surrounded by the gossip and the blanket of fear. She finds it hard to believe that such savagery could take place in an area as peaceful as the foothills of the Crazy Mountains…until her father is poisoned and clues point to his involvement in the ugly business. Can she keep her focus when she is spending so much time with the hot new sheriff?

He thought being the sheriff of a quiet Montana county would be a break from the stress of combat…

Alex Rossi has retired from the SEALs after eight years and is looking to settle into peaceful civilian life. He thinks he’s found it when Hank Patterson of Brotherhood Protectors convinces him to take the newly open job of county sheriff. But he never expected his military training would be necessary to root out an evil still poisoning the county. When the death of Micki Schroder’s father throws the two of them together, they discover he had collected information on his clients that could blow the whole thing wide open. As they follow the trail, Alex has to work hard to fight the intense attraction that has exploded between them. And hope that her father wasn’t part of the group of men they still seek.

They were sure they’d gotten away with it all…

And now the remaining men are panicked. The sheriff had kept his mouth shut when his cohorts threatened to harm is family, and the death of Brian Schroder, the attorney who represented them all, was supposed to keep the rest of the secrets locked away. But Schroder left a paper trail that his daughter and the sheriff are working hard to decode. Can the men responsible for such evil kill two such high profile people and still keep their secret?



Galaxy #2

Blaze Hamilton and Peyton West have barely begun their Happy Ever After when a distraught woman calls Galaxy to book a flight to nowhere, code for arranging a meeting.

Running for her life, saved by a hunky former SEAL, she never expected the sex to be as hot as the danger zone.

Hannah Modell thought she had life by the tail: a great job as a drone engineer at top-notch Lowden Tactical with one successful project after another…until it all blew up in her face. Literally.

Now she’s on the run. If she hadn’t met the sexy stranger, she has no idea what would have happened. But former SEAL Matt “Viper” Roman turned out to be both an answer to a prayer and the sexiest man alive.

As the men of the mysterious agency, Galaxy, race against time to prove her innocence and find the real culprit, things heat to the boiling point between Hannah and Viper.


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