Fighting for Savannah

Great new release by Dee Stewart

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Almost a year after Chief of Police Justice McQuaid and his team stopped domestic terrorist Axel Anderson from carrying out his plan to stage a revolution, someone is targeting Laguna Beach cops. After Owen Dooley is nearly killed, he and his friends and fellow officers start investigating who tried to blow him up in his truck. Their investigation takes them down a path they never expected to travel again. This time the stakes are even higher as the team’s unidentified stalker ups the ante.

In the meantime, the man who murdered Owen’s sister Hayden sixteen years earlier is living in Laguna Beach. Owen is determined to bring Dr. James Knight to justice. To that end he renews his acquaintance with the killer’s daughter – Savannah Knight. Owen never expected the beautiful trauma nurse to ca


pture his heart. Now he’s trapped between pursuing justice for his sister and wanting his heart’s desire.

Staying alive long enough for any of it to matter will be Sergeant Owen Dooley’s greatest challenge.

Excerpt from Fighting for Savannah


Later, sipping a cup of coffee with the decadent Coca-Cola chocolate cake, Owen inhaled and announced, “I ran into Savannah Knight the other day. We, uh, we’ve started talking and…”

Evelyn emitted a happy squeal and clapped her hands. “Oh, Owen! I’m thrilled. I’ve always liked her. Such a sweet girl. When are you bringing her over for dinner?”

Owen looked at his father who blinked, then smirked at him. “Yes, son, when are you bringing Savannah over for dinner?”

“Finally, you’re going to bring a girl home to meet us,” Evelyn gushed. “Well, technically, we’ve already met her but that was years ago. I’m so exci

ted! What should I cook? What does she like?”

“Yes, son, what does she like?” Cecil echoed. His voice dripped with droll amusement.

Owen’s head swiveled between his parents. How the hell did he get here? “Well, uh…”

“Nothing fried, of course,” Evelyn continued. “Fresh, wholesome foods. Oh, I know, I’ll go to the fish market and buy salmon. Marinated with special spices and grilled. You’ll grill, won’t you, honey?” She touched Cecil’s forearm.

“Be happy to, sweetheart.”

“And we’ll add jasmine rice and sautéed squash and zucchini.” She held a finger against her chin. “Dessert has to be light. Fruit and yogurt parfaits.”

“A veritable feast,” Cecil deadpanned.

Owen entered an alternate universe. These weren’t his parents. They were clever facsimiles.

“Owen, what do you think?” Evelyn asked.

“Well, uh…”

“You must invite her soon. Don’t wait. Oh, I really am excited! Savannah Knight. So pretty and intelligent.”

“Don’t forget sweet,” Cecil reminded her.

“Oh, yes. Sweet. Well, Owen? Do you have a day in mind? I have quite a lot of shopping to do. Cecil, we need to buy new curtains and rugs for the living room. Well, Owen?”

His head spun. “Well, uh…”

“Well, Cecil? Curtains and rugs?”

“Whatever you want, honey.”

“Well, Owen?”

“Be right back,” he muttered. With all due haste he exited the alternate universe.

In the bathroom Owen studied his reflection in the mirror above the sink and burst into laughter. He laughed until his belly ached and tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. If that conversation weren’t so scary, it would be worthy of a sit-com.

Owen splashed water on his hot face. If he didn’t leave soon, his mother would be planning his wedding next.

He yanked open the door and came up short. His parents stood in the hallway, wearing twin expressions of concern on their faces.

“You okay?” Evelyn demanded. “We heard you choking. You weren’t vomiting up dinner, were you? Is that how you got so skinny? You developed one of those eating disorders?” She turned to Cecil. “He needs help, honey.”

“I’ll find the best specialist in eating disorders in Orange County, sweetheart.”



What’s special about the book?

Here is what author Dee Stewart said:

I loved creating my hero’s parents – Evelyn and Cecil Dooley.

They compliment each other perfectly with Cecil seemingly indulging his wife’s quirks because he loves her so much.

She is simply a delight and a hoot to listen to. Cecil is as steady as a rock – the kind of man you’d want for a husband and a father.