Book two in the Galaxy series

Running for her life, saved by a hunky former SEAL, she never expected the sex to be as hot as the danger zone.

Hannah Modell thought she had life by the tail: a great job as a drone engineer at top-notch Lowden Tactical with one successful project after another…until it all blew up in her face. Literally.

Now she’s on the run. If she hadn’t met the sexy stranger, she has no idea what would have happened. But former SEAL Matt “Viper” Roman turned out to be both an answer to a prayer and the sexiest man alive.

As the men of the mysterious agency, Galaxy, race against time to prove her innocence and find the real culprit, things heat to the boiling point between Hannah and Viper.



How the fucking long can they keep me here?

Hannah Modell looked out the window of her hotel suite to the aesthetic view of…the parking lot. Beyond it she could see other buildings in downtown Houston, accented by the sparkle of the evenings lights just coming on. Traffic filled the streets as people came and went, punctuated by the impatient honking if horns. She’d be happy to be in that irritated crowd. She’d be happy to be anyplace except this hotel. Scratch that. Anyplace except for Houston.

Fourteen days since it happened, and she was still shocked by the whole thing. She and the rest of her GO-Team had been in a remote location, delivering explosives to take out a key terrorist figure who was hiding out in a house in upstate New York. The word was he planned a strike on a major United States city and their assignment was to take him out first.

Her GO-Team had been flown to an isolated location to launch the drone, which was outfitted with special equipment because of the explosives and had a long range capacity. People from various branches of the government and the military would be back at Lowden watching the feed from the camera on the drone. It was only the third time Hannah had been tasked with doing something this enormous and she’d spent hours checking and double checking everything to make sure nothing would go wrong. She knew she’d probably driven her team nuts, but she didn’t care. There was no room for error in a situation like this.

She was stunned when the helicopter carrying Greg Kingsley, Lowden’s vice president, had shown up at their site. Jumping out of the chopper he’d told them they had to shut down the job. Right. Now. Right that minute. For a moment, she’d just stood there, stunned.


“There’s a situation, Hannah. Something went wrong big time with the drone delivery. A fuckup and we have a tragedy on our hands.”

“A tragedy?” She’d stared at him like he was speaking a foreign language. We need to shut down here at once.

“Worse than that. A disaster of epic proportions. We have to get everyone out of here while we sort this out.”


“No buts. Lowden needs to see you ASAP, since this is your baby.”

What the hell?

She’d pestered him for details, but he had little to say beyond what he’d told her. Just said to wait until they were back at Lowden. She could not understand how this had happened. Misdirect a drone to dump its payload in a different place? Her? Hell, no. She was committed to her job, her country, her patriotism. That’s why working for  a paramilitary company that did black jobs for the government had been so satisfying. Because she got to serve her country in a way a lot of people never could. She didn’t even have friends outside of thee job. How disgusting was that?

The moment they landed at the complex they’d hustled her right to Eric Lowden’s office, where he’d told her she was off the job until the situation was resolved.

Situation ? This was a hell of a lot more than that.

“Situation?” She repeated the word.