Critical Density

Galaxy Book #2

Critical density is the value at which the Universe is at balance, and expansion is stopped. If it’s greater than one, the universe will ultimately collapse in on itself.

And that’s just what happened to Hannah Modell’s life. Her critical density is far more than one.

She had a job she loved, a career where she was a star, as on-site drone operator for Lowden Tactical. Her extremely high aptitude for spatial awareness and action has made her an expert drone operator. From the air-conditioned comfort of her control room she is able to kick butt all over the world, make terrorist strikes that politically the government cannot get into.

Her personal life? Romance? Second fiddle. Maybe even third, with plenty of time to focus on it when she has reached her goals. Sex? It’s a physical exercise better than a tranquilizer when she’s uptight and she doesn’t need to expend emotional energy with it.

She thinks.

Suddenly it all went to hell, and she’s now persona non grata. A drone she was operating delivered its payload to the wrong place. Instead of hitting the yacht where an ISIS leader is vacationing off the coast of France it hits a nearby villa where a high-ranking member of the Senate Defense Committee is vacationing. There’s a huge coverup to avoid an international incident and she’s stuck in this damn hotel room where they told her to wait while the head honchos sort this out and figure out what to do with her. With no job, no friends and a black mark next to her name, she doesn’t know what to do next.

Escaping from the hotel and doing her best to evade the men sure to be looking for her, she avoids cabs and rides like Uber that can be traced. She ducks into a crowded bar and scores the one empty seat, next to a man who should have SEX tattooed on his forehead. When two of the goons looking for her enter the bar, Mr. Sexy pulls her close and says, “Follow my lead. Whatever it so, I’ll handle it.”

Is it luck that connects her with Matt “Viper” Roman, looking for a night of no-strings sex and ending up with a woman who looks like she needs ALL of his services? A partner in Galaxy, the covert ops group whose office is on a private plane, he’s just finished a harrowing rescue job and is looking for some hot R and R. Bit what this woman needs first and foremost is to get her out of this jam she’s in.

Just the presence of the tall, lean, muscular dark-haired man settles Hannah’s nerves. He takes her to his hotel room and the tension of the evening explodes into a night of sex that nothing seems to satisfy. When he learns all the details of her crisis, immediately his protective instincts kick into gear. He tells her about Galaxy and that they are  absolutely geared to help her. Although neither acknowledges it, they clicked in the darkness of night and although at first she resists, she agrees to accept Galaxy’s help.

He sneaks her out of the hotel and before she knows it she is on a flight to nowhere with Viper. She knows this will be costly but she’s been well paid and what better way to spend her money. She needs to get to the bottom of this.

As Hannah’s situation becomes more critical, they also realize what they have between them is more than mere physical attraction. The more they spend time together, the stronger the attraction gets. Now Viper has an even greater incentive to find out who destroyed Hannah’s career and put her on the black list. With his partners working overtime with him, pulling every thread they can, the ugly truth comes out.

And before Hannah and Viper can move ahead with their lives, the real criminals have to be exposed and brought to justice.