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That’s right. Learn all about the secret of the origin of The Phoenix Agency, former military who rose for the ashes of war to continue fighting to protect the people who need them. They come form many branches of the service….Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Force Recon Marines, Air Force. Whatever it takes, they can do it. As the series unfold, the women thye meet bring a psychic element into it – mental telepathy, psychic healing, foretelling the future…even a psychic dog.

I can tell you how it all began for me. A publisher I was with at the time was just starting a new imprint, in which each book had to have a psychic element and relate back to The Lotus Circle.  Jungle Inferno was originally written as a stand alone, but readers loved it so much, the series grew until there are now 9 books – 7 full length and 2 novellas. Book #8 is in the planning stages as I write this.

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