Vampires are real, existing alongside regular humans as a secret subspecies. The malevolent of their kind exploit their powers and immortality at the expense of their human counterparts. The Organization, a league of benevolent vampires headed up by the anonymous Mr. X, works covertly to keep this threat in check. Amber Ridley is the company’s top agent, unique to the team as the only human working alongside her vampire allies. She is an ‘Impervious’, a rare human with powers that can be used against the malevolent.

When Amber’s latest mission takes her back to the UK to work with her close companion Valentino, she meets his old colleague Hayden Knight. Hayden is infamous to Amber as the man who betrayed their organization and abandoned her friend Valentino in the past. She dislikes Hayden instantly, and his arrogant, cold demeanour does nothing to aid this.


Amber and Hayden are forced to work together on The Organization’s most important mission to date, and they must put aside their differences to take down the menace that threatens the very existence of their group. Amber must put her trust in Hayden, but is she impervious to love?


Amber was disoriented. It was pitch black in the closet and her music was still going in her earphones, so she had no sight or hearing to help her, just

touch and smell. She concentrated on the feel of the arms locked around her. There was one around her back holding her tightly into the unknown person’s torso and their other arm was against her front with a hand over her mouth to silence her. They felt muscular and male. She was confused. It couldn’t be a vampire, because they weren’t burning. It must be a human. She tried to struggle but he was strong, too strong for a human.

What is going on?

She focused on the blackness of the room, trying to make out any shape that might help her. A vague outline of a face appeared in the shadows in front of her and her heart rate sped up. Then, as her vision adjusted to the darkness, a pair of eyes became visible.

Blue eyes.

Not ice blue, but ocean blue. A few shades thawed from ice.


He realized she had registered that it was him and he moved his hand slowly from her mouth before reaching around and taking out one of her earphones. He leaned in to her ear, his lips brushing against her skin as he spoke quietly. Somebody’s in the house.”

Amber’s heart rate sped up more, but was it due to the thought of an intruder or because of the sensation of Hayden’s lips on her ear?


Meet Zoe Allison

Zoe lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. A medic by day, she started writing in her spare time as a means to counter burn out and found that this was a balm for the soul. She is a fan of the romantic genre and its ‘happy ever after’ ethos. A sharp contrast to what she can, at times, see in her day job. Zoe is keen for the female lead in romantic fiction to disabuse stereotypes and walk on an equal footing with her male counterparts. She prefers male leads who do not display signs of toxic masculinity and believes that positive masculinity is much more attractive to women and healthier for men.

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