Rawhide: Ace in the Hole

One of my favorite stories in this book is Dealer’s Choice, about a disillusioned Dom and a brand new eager sub

Cade Sullivan has been hiding out on his ranch, beyond the BDSM world he had thrived in for so long,. after a private training session gone awry. Reulas, the new Dungeon Master at the excusive club, Rawhide, and Clint Chavez, his longtime friend and one of the partners, thinks he could be just what a brand new sub needs. We persuaded him to sit down with us just after his meeting with Reulas. We met in the living room of his ranch house. He was definitely the quintessential caveboy, with is worn jeans, hand carved boots and plaid shirt, open at the neck and with sleeves rolled up.


From Dealer’s Choice

Rawhide: Ace in the Hole

Me:  Thanks for meeting with me today. I know this is a challenging situation for you but your reasons both for leaving The Life and returning to it could help a lot of people.

Cade:  (shrugging) If you say so. That’s the only reason I agreed to this. (frowns) I’ve been out of The Life for a long time, as you know. And haven’t talked to anyone about it until Reulas barged his way back into my life.

Me: But I understand you were willing to accept the session he wanted to set up. How are you feeling about that?  Shirtless Cowboy stock photos and royalty-free images, vectors and illustrations | Adobe Stock

Cade: I have mixed feelings. *pause* I’m sure you know why I left.

Me: I understand you were one of the best teachers, especially with couples, so what happened?

Cade: (long pause) Until recently the only person I even talked about with was my good friend, Clint Chavez.

Me: Yes, one of the partners at Rawhide. He was the one who used to set up the training sessions you were so well-know for, right?

Cade: (nodding) He was there the night it all came apart. He tried to convince me the Dom in the twosome had a hidden streak of cruelty that he finally gave in to in that session.

Me: And the woman blamed you. Is that right?

Cade: As she should. She said I should have sensed it and she’s right.

Me: I understand Clint and his partner, Reece Halliday, both tried to tell you there was no way you could have known this would happen. But isn’t that impossible? How can yo u tell someone’s underlying personality.

Cade: (says nothing)

Me: But now you are ready to get back in the life. Is that right?

Cade: Against my better judgment. But Clint is damned persistent. Besides…… pause…..I owe him. And just maybe…

Me: Maybe what?

Cade: Maybe working with a new sub who isn’t part of my past might be okay. I guess if he’s willing to trust me with someone I ought to listen.

Me:  So you’re going to Rawhide after all this time?

Cade:  (nodding) And I’ll do my nest to make this an experience for this sub that hep her willingly embrace her needs. I just hope…

Me: Hope what?

Cade:  (shakes head) Hope I’m the man CLint thinks I am./