MY EPIPHANY by Phyllis Cherry


kept waiting for the right moment, the moment when a light inside my head clicks and I know exactly what I’m supposed to do. That moment didn’t happen.

I wanted to write a book.

I figured once I chose a heroine, a situation and a location, the story would magically come to me. It didn’t.

I was disgusted because I didn’t know how to start writing my book. The word “writing” echoed in my mind, setting off a chain reaction of things I needed to know in order to make the book happen. First, I needed to sit down at my computer, open a blank page and start asking myself questions. Who is the heroine? What’s wrong with her? What does she want? What’s she doing? Where does she live? Why do I care? Why would anybody care? What’s a dog doing in my story?

Inspiration came when I started answering my own questions. Slowly, a plot began to form. I was actually writing. I’d had an epiphany, suddenly everything changed, and I had hope. Thinking about a goal doesn’t make it happen. In this case, I questioned the characters and asked what they needed and desired. Knowing who their friends were and where they lived helped me put the story together. I had to act on that moment of revelation to reach my goal.

I’ve just submitted Book II, The Mystery at Camp Esther of my White Feathers Academy series to the publisher. I spent months trying to make my original idea for the book work. It just didn’t. I started over and set new goals for the characters. That didn’t work either. Then I interviewed the heroine, Halo Havens, to find out what she wanted, and I learned that some of my previous learning and work experiences could help her attain her goals. Imagine that! I created a location based on a place I knew well, and I created Halo’s new job there. She wanted Midas, her canine friend, with her so she’d have someone to talk to and rely on. The story started coming together. Then it didn’t. I talked to an author friend, took her advice and started over once again. Finally, after three tries, four beta readers and more rewrites, I submitted the story, and signed a contract with my publisher.

Halo’s story is s

till months away from publication with things like final edits, cover design, publicity and many other unknown factors to consider and accomplish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my writing journey. I’ve added a few excerpts from White Feath

ers Academy Book I, to introduce you to my little angel apprentice, Halo Havens and her big golden dog, Midas. Their next adventure, The Mystery at Camp Esther, White Feathers Academy Book II, is scheduled for release in October 2021.