Rawhide: Where you can indulge your greatest fantasies

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Why does a man decide to open a sex club? A dungeon? A BDSM club! Call it what you will, it is a safe place for people to indulge their greatest needs and fantasies. So why would a very successful rancher want to  spend the time and money when surely he didn’t need a facility to indulge and satisfy his needs. So we decided to ask him.

Q: Reece, you’re a very successful rancher, good looking, sexy, who surely could have your pick of women. Do you have trouble finding partners for you r playtime? Is that why you needed a private club?

A: I think clubs are very important places. They provide and environment that isn’t always there in an isolated situation. When I was a senior in college my roommate’s brother, who is in the life, took the two of us to a club like Rawhide and introduced us to that world. I was shocked at how turned on I was and spent a lot of time there. But when I was back home after graduation I found that I really wanted that environment. Besides, it was a great place to meet women who were in the life. I wasn’t uncomfortable trying to “test” a woman to see where her tastes lay.

Q: But surely there are clubs in the area already in existence.

A: (shaking head) Not that had the same environment, the same special feeling. I found myself taking a lot of trips to other cities to clubs that were open to the public but it wasn’t the same. I liked a situation where people were checked out before they were invited to membership. People who often came recommended.

Q: So you just decided to start your own club.

A: (grinning) Well, sort of. I had funds I could invest but I needed the right ;lace and the right partners. Someone who was on premises running the operation, since I’m really tied up with the ranch. That search led me to Clint Chavez, an experienced manager who came highly recommended. We worked out the details, formalized the arrangement and here we are.

Q: It seems to have worked out well for you. (Big grin) I mean on a very personal level.

A: (laughter) The last thing I ever expected was to have Katie Warren, who I knew in high school, apply for the job as club manager. Damn! What a shock that was.

Q: Did you have any idea she was in the life?

A: (shaking head) I hadn’t seen her since she stormed out of a hotel room shocked at the things I suggested we do. Imagine my shock to learn not only was she in the life but she’d been managing a club in Atlanta.

Q: You’ve obviously worked it out since you’re now married to her. And happily, or so it seems.

A: (huge grin) Damn right. (Leans forward) I get hard as a rock just bringing to mind the image of her sexy naked body, eyes heated as she waits for the firsts stroke of my tail whip.

Q: Which I guess is a good “toy” for a rancher. Well, it seems to have worked out well for you. What’s in the future for Rawhide?

A: We’re lucky that our membership is pretty full. People love the great performances we schedule and we’re always open to suggestions. In fact, we just added something special that a new member brought to us. It’s a card game called Cut the Cards.

Q: Exactly how does it work?

A: The Dom has a deck of cards, each card representing a particular activity or enhancement. They each get to choose a specific number and then, well, the game begins. You ought to come by and check it out

Q: Oh. (shakes head) I don’t think…I mean…

A. (reaching into wallet) Here’s a guest pass. I’ll leave your name with my partner. Give it a try. You never know. It could change your life. You might even discover you like the role of Domme. I’ll be on the lookout for you.