Brotherhood Protectors

FATAL SECRETS  has been such a great success I wanted to remind you of the other books in the series, in case you haven’t read them yet.

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Ever since she was raped as a young teenager at a party at her family’s large Montana ranch, Jenna Daniels has fought to help other victims while struggling with her own emotional damage. When she uncovers several other rapes committed over the past fifteen years, she knows she must return to Montana to find her answers. Scott Nolan doesn’t know what to do with himself since his medical discharge from the SEALs. There’s not much in civilian life for a former sniper. Until he connects with Hank Patterson and Brotherhood Protectors. His first assignment? Guarding Jenna, who is in danger the minute she sets foot back in Montana. But he’ll have to guard his heart at the same time.




Michaela (Micki) Schroeder hasn’t been home since the arrest and conviction of the longtime sheriff. He covered up for the group of wealthy men who raped young girls and killing those who tried to report it. Then, at her father’s sixtieth birthday party he is poisoned and clues point to his involvement in the ugly business. Alex Rossi, retired from the SEALs after eight years, thinks he’s settled into a peaceful job—until ugliness and murder explodes. Now the remaining men are panicked. Can Alex and Micki find the killers before becoming victims themselves, all the while fighting the intense attraction that has exploded between them?


And the series!


Lainie Taggert needed to break away from her abusive relationship before it killed her, but Sonny Fitzgerald had all the keys to controlling her. Her friend, Drea Halstead, smuggles her out the Emergency Room where she’s landed again and convinces her brother Zane, a former SEAL, to take her to Montana with him where a job with Sheriff Alex Rossi awaits. Zane’s not too excited about traveling thousands of miles with a battered woman, and then what? They never expected to fall for each other, Zane with his determination to stay single and Lainie with her nightmares and a vicious bully after her. But chemistry and emotions have their own plans, and when Zane gets word Lainie’s ex is on her trail, he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe…and for himself. With the help of Sheriff Alex Rossi, he is ready to take on the enemy for his woman.



Teresa Fordice didn’t want to go, rogue but she has to stop arms manufacturer Reed Morgan and the dangerous plot he and his secret militia have hatched. She ignores the order to come in from the field, and instead runs to Montana where Morgan’s secret plan is being hatched. But colliding with Jesse Donovan, the man who walked out of her life, complicates things even more. Recurring nightmares once made former SEAL Jesse Donovan walk away from the best woman he ever met but now Fate has thrown them together and he has a chance to redeem himself. Can Terry and Jesse find out what Reed Morgan is planning in time and can they stop him? And if they do, can he walk away again? Will she let him?




Ten years later and the murder of Zoe’s friend has still not been caught. But now the reporter, with a contract to write a true crime book about it, is turning over every rock she can. But someone wants to frighten her off, adding to her stress level. On a rainy night, after some long days of research and interviews, a cold drink in a roadside bar eases the pressure, along with the very sexy, war-weary ex-SEAL whose bed she falls into. Zoe’s not given to one-night stands but for the moment this guy is just what she needs.

Bitter at being medically discharged, still haunted by nightmares of the last mission, Sean Patterson has finally accepted his cousin Hank’s invite to check out Montana. He’s got his choice of Brotherhood Protectors or joining the staff of the new sheriff, either of which could be the turning point in his life that he needs. Either way, when he agrees to act as bodyguard for to Sadie Patterson’s friend, Zoe Young, he is tunned when he’s face to face with  the woman with whom he shared the best night of sex ever.

Together twenty-four seven, the emotional connection between them explodes along with the increased danger. When they finally uncover the answers, they are shocked to learn who the killers are But will Zoe survive a last attempt on her life so she and Sean can explore a life together?