“Love Knows No Bounds”:  Falls Village Collection Book #8

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This series is set in a quaint town called Falls Village, Maine.  The brainchild of Author Kitty Berry, she has contributed several books to this series along with Author’s MJ Santangelo, Michelle Iannarelli, Krystyna Allyn, Taylor Delong and Rae B. Lake.

In “Love Knows No Bounds”, Beckett Fischer has loved Devon Travens since high school.  A young innocent love has turned into a burning passion between the both of them. But Devon has a secret that she knows can destroy the love they have for each other.  She loves Beckett too much to cause him any type of pain.  So deciding to just treasure the passion they share together, Devon knows the time will come that this secret will either make them grow closer together or push him away.



“Beck, please wait. Let me explain!” shouted Devon.

Standing outside of At the Tip restaurant, the skies decided to open up to drench the both of them. Slicking back his hair, Beckett just shook his head.

“No more Devon. Fuck this!” Throwing his hands in the air, he started marching towards his Mercedes Coupe, a gift to himself due to his booming real estate business.

Standing by his car, Beckett tried to get control over his anger towards Devon. After years of loving her, how could she be so indifferent to him

and to their relationship? Deciding to go back over to her, he knew this was his chance to say what was in his heart before he said fuck it all.

Standing over her, the rain and the wind picked up adding to the turmoil that was raging deep inside him.

“You know what Devon? I have waited, begged and chased after you for so long! Do you know what that’s like? Who the hell does that for someone?

From high school until now, I can see that I have made a fool of myself when it comes to you! Yes, loving you Devon and you have thrown that back in my face!

It’s you Devon, no other woman that I have been with compares to you. God help me for loving you!”

Grabbing Devon by her face, Beckett slammed his lips to hers. This kiss had all the feelings of goodbye; the desperation and anger that Beckett had

stored up inside was being unleashed on Devon. Holding onto his suit jacket, Devon knew that he was saying goodbye and her heart was shattering into a million pieces.

Tears rolled down her face mixed in with the sleet and rain that seemed to want to cleanse them. Devon tasted the saltiness as she desperately clung to him.

She loved Beckett with all of her heart but knew that her secret would destroy him. She had to let him live his life. She had to let him go.

Pushing Devon from him, Beckett took a deep breath as he tried to get himself under control. Even with mascara dripping down her face, he couldn’t imagine a more beautiful woman in his whole life. Things had to change and it was time for him to move on.

“I asked you to marry me and you just sat there staring at me like I was a stranger. I thought that you would want to spend the rest of your life with me Devon!

We’ve discussed our future! It’s a no fucking brainer! But I guess I was mistaken,” said Beckett.

Heading back towards his car, he turned up the collar of his suit jacket that was ruined now anyway and simply walked away.

“Beck, please give me a chance to explain,” sobbed Devon.

The wind took that moment to howl so her words became a whisper. She was just shocked, too shocked to move. She didn’t even run to stop him from leaving her life. She didn’t take her eyes on his car as the wheels spun out of the lot or until the rear lights disappeared around the corner. She just stood there. “What have I done?” whispered Devon.

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