Book #3 Heroes Rising

Brotherhood Protectors

For Sean Patterson, life was in the toilet. On his last mission as a SEAL he’d been wounded so badly that he was given a medical discharge nd he still had problems with flexibility. After months of feeling sorry for himself he finally decided to take his cousin, Hank Patterson, up on his offer. Come to the Crazy Mountains in Montana and check out the organization Hank had built, Brotherhood Protectors. As with everything else he’d done for the past few months, he’d dragged his heels on the trip, stopping here and there to lose himself in whatever place he landed. Tonight he was in Helena, Montana, in a typical roadside bar, Red’s, being his usual antisocial self.

Until she walked in.

And made his mouth water and other dormant parts of his body jump to life.

A drink, a slow dance, and then, without even exchanging names, they were in his darkened motel room tearing each other’s clothes off. 


He held her hand as they hurried through the rain, his limp now a little more noticeable. But the moment they were in his room, all thought of it left her mind. They were barely inside before he backed her against the door. Cupped her head and took her mouth in a kiss so hungry, so voracious it set every nerve aflame. His tongue scoured her mouth, licking the tender flesh, sending shivers down her spine. He yanked her jacket off and tossed it to the floor then ran his hands up her sides and over to cup her breasts. While he squeezed them, pressing his fingers into the flesh, he kissed her again. This one was even more breath-stealing and intense.

She wound her arms around him, threading her fingers through his hair to hold his head in place. He was hard everywhere, his body a wall of solid muscle. Even when she couldn’t breathe, she didn’t want to break the kiss. The sweep of his tongue set every nerve ablaze in her body, and deep in her sex the long dormant pulse throbbed with insistent need. She wanted this to go on forever, even as she gasped for breath when he tore his mouth from hers. He trailed kisses down the side of her neck, his touch hot and sexy, sending shivers down her spine. With a move that spoke of hunger and need, he yanked her sweater up and over her head, tossed away her bra, and closed his hot mouth around one taut nipple.

Oh god!

She arched herself toward him, pushing her nipple against his lips as heat consumed her. He sucked, hard, closing his teeth over the tender bud. It felt as if a streak of fire went straight from that nipple to her core. She grabbed his hair to hold his head in place, moaning at the contact. Squeezing the breast hard, he switched to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment.

Then, with a rush of movement, he lifted her in his arms, carried her to the bed, and ripped back the covers.

“Light,” she gasped, wanting to see his body.

“Dark is better,” he insisted. “Makes touching more intense.”

Okay, at that point she didn’t care. Instead she reached for the snap on his jeans, objecting when he pushed her hands away.

“You first,” he rasped.

But instead of waiting for her to undress, he yanked her jeans down along with her bikini panties and tossed them aside. His gaze as it traveled over her body scorched her skin, and the pulse of need throbbed harder.

“Now you,” she insisted.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered. “Touching is better than seeing. Come on.”

She did as he asked, squinting a little to see what he was so obsessed about, but the room was too dark to make out anything. She heard a tiny intake of breath when he moved, and she wondered if his leg was bothering him after all that dancing.

Then she didn’t have any more time to think. He was on the bed, kneeling between her thighs, bending her knees back and spreading the lips of her sex. She felt the rush of his hot breath on her skin, then his mouth was on her, licking that wet slit, tonguing her clit, giving it a gentle bite. She was out of her mind with need, aroused to this point faster than she ever remembered, and she tried to push herself closer to that marauding tongue.