A great beach read and it’s free!!


You can say that to any of the sexy heroes in the fun anthology

I am so excited to be part of tis summer beach read anthology with five other best-selling authors. Want to kick back, sip a wine cooler, relax in the sun or the shade? Fall into bed with a hot, sexy man?

During this crazy time in our lives when everything is so unpredictable and emotionally trying for us all, we’re honored to be able to offer a bit of comfort with a limited-time-collection of SIX naughty FREE books by award winning authors, including…

THE WINNING BID by Michelle Windsor
ALMOST PRIEST by Lydia Michaels
THE BOSS by Melanie Moreland
SWEETEST SIN by Sienna Snow



Download your FREE copy today:
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Almost Priest by Lydia Michaels

 Irish family saga, small town romance, big crazy family, Colin is becoming a priest at the end of summer, his brother brings home a girl and Colin is suddenly rethinking his devotion to the church, scandalous, taboo…

The Winning Bid by Michelle Windsor

Billionaire Drew is rich, handsome, and dominant, runs an international chain of resorts and has little time to pursue pleasure so he buys it at an auction held at a secret club. The last thing he expected was to fall in love with a sub for hire.

Runaway Billionaire by Desiree Holt

When Kyle is sent to scope out a tiny B&B on the beach, he’s hardly prepared for Pepper, who launches herself at him with a hot kiss and introduces him as her intended. Maybe she can save him from his matchmaking parents.  But someone forgot to tell them about hormones and passion and emotion. And then reality pokes up its head and nearly destroys it all.

The Boss by Melanie Moreland

Terrified and on the run, I was lost. He found me. I witnessed his crime and he gave me a choice. Marriage or death. I never expected to love him. But the choices were never really mine.

Evie is on the run from an abusive relationship and witnesses a horrible crime. Now trapped by the assassin, Matteo, he gives her a choice – end her life or marry him. Now, confined to close quarters, she learns there is so much more to this killer.

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mafia Romance

Themes: Assassins, Bad Boy, Proximity Romance, Marriage of Convenience

Sweetest Sin By Sienna Snow
She’s the woman of my dreams. The one I never should have touched. The one who owns my soul. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her. Even play a game, where the winner takes all.

Personal Delivery By Ainsley Booth
Jana’s friends know she has a crush on the new SwiftEx delivery guy, so they start inundating her with gifts–enough that he has to come back multiple times a day. What they don’t know–what nobody knows–is that Jake Aston is not a regular delivery driver. The billionaire recently acquired SwiftEx and has gone undercover on the front lines of his new company to better understand how to turn it around. He doesn’t expect to fall for the cute illustrator on his new route.

Hot rom com, spring in NYC, Cinderella vibes