Every author hits a dry spell now and then. After my husband passed away I had a hard time getting my brain to focus. Sometimes I only got to write two or three pages a day. Now, I have always been a fan of Chuck Norris and Walker Texas Ranger (not to mention Delta Force is still one of all time favorite movies). Scrolling through the on line guide on television one day I discovered that USA Network was airing reruns for several hours a day. I thought, holy crap This is a sign.  So Chuck and I went to work. Every day I would sit at my desk with Chuck on the TV right there and we would crank out page after page after page. Books were flying off my hard drive. I wrote the Game On series, the Vigilance series, the Corporate Heat series, the first stories in the Rawhide series and so many more. e was the cowboy in my NAKED COWBOY series. The hero in my RAWHIDE series (ssh! don’t tell!), the model for the hero of FORMULA FOR DANGER. I’d turn on the television every day, bring up Walker and off we’d go, typing like mad.



One of the stories I wrote during that time was JOY RIDE, about a hot musician and the girl he fell in love with. The hero was based  on a real person, a bass player that I wanted to take home and lock in my bedroom. I know, I know. He wasn’t Walker and he wasn’t a cowboy or a Texas Ranger but….how could I resist when I saw him perform? I mean, who could resist this? Even Chuck was whispering “Go for it!”

But as the alcohol eased her tension, she found herself catching the rhythm of the music and trying to mimic the movements of the bass player—totally caught up in the seductive lure of the song. For one crazy moment, she was gripped by an uncontrollable urge to jump up on the stage, and bump and grind with him. Her! Emma, the good girl!

Clumsily juggling the beer bottle, she slipped the thin strap of her purse over her head so it lay crosswise between her breasts. Her focus still on the bass player, she swayed to the beat, hips moving, rocking. When the song ended, the bass guitarist threw back his head on a final note and then looked out into the crowd, peering beyond the glare of the stage lights.

His eyes seemed to find hers as if pulled by a magnet, and a fist slammed through her.


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JOY RIDE went on to win the Holt Medallion and Chuck Norris gets so much of the credit.

Then I hit a slow spell, because USA stopped running eh series, and I thought, Ohmigod! What will I do? My writing was slower, my inspiration

Well. gotta run before he’s done for the day. But stay tuned!