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From  Caitlin  O’Leary

David Sloane is one of the Army’s top investigators. Convinced that two of his own have been framed by the tiny island government of Las Flores, he’s determined to do what it takes to prove their innocence. When a major earthquake hits the day he arrives all hell breaks loose.

In the midst of chaos, former army nurse Sarah Kyle arrives with Doctor Without Borders. Just as David comes face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten,

he is tapped to lead a manhunt to capture the dangerous convicts that escaped during the earthquake. These men will stop at nothing to leave the island.

When the hospital is overrun by the most brutal of convicts and an American doctor is held for ransom, the Navy SEAL unit Black Dawn is called in. Can David and Black Dawn rescue Dr. Carys Adams before it is too late? Through all the turmoil will David and Sarah realize that their time has finally come and they were meant to be together?









From Jean Joachim

A Marine dumped by a “Dear John” letter, and a woman cheated on by her fiancé share heartbreak

stories on a plane. Mutual attraction gets Mick and Tara stranded on a deserted island. This perilous

adventure unwittingly leads to a terrorist kidnapping. Will a daring rescue attempt salvage their love?

Or will PTSD drive them apart?



From Anna Blakely

Intentional Risk Blurb:


He thought he’d lost his chance to be with her. Now, he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.

As a former SEAL and now Alpha Team’s technical analyst, Derek West is all about the numbers. But, when this Texas native unexpectedly bumps into the one that got away, he’s determined to beat the odds. Derek wants to make Charlie a part of his life again—especially when he discovers she’s been living with a monster.

To others, Charlotte “Charlie” Porter’s elaborate life seems picture-perfect, but then no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. After a chance meeting with the one man she’s never been able to forget, Charlie begins to dream of the road not taken. Unfortunately for them both, it’s a road that could prove lethal.

When Derek shows up just when she needs him most, Charlie finally breaks loose from her abusive husband’s clutches. But as she and Derek begin to explore what could’ve been, these friends-to-lovers realize Charlie’s in more danger than ever before.

Will Derek be able to keep the love of his life safe, or will an obsessive killer destroy the second chance both he and Charlie have always dreamed of?