Book #2, The Phoenix Agency

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What would you do is you are a woman who has psychic visions.? If you saw clues to murderers? Fragments of crimes?  Hints of disaster? They come to you in images that need to be deciphered. Some people say it’s a blessing but you believe it to be a curse.

Until a naked man shows up in your vision. Dark, built and dangerous. Whispering words that make you so hot you squirm at your desk.

And he wants you! But…it’s to help him solve a crime.

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She’d almost begun to believe that whatever was causing this to happen to her had disappeared. She hadn’t had one of what she’d taken to calling her “episodes” in months now and had almost begun to relax, thinking they’d gone away for good. Not so. Her stomach was doing the jitterbug as it always did at the beginning of one of her incidents and an aspirin-proof headache was already beginning to build behind her eyes.

And then, without warning, a sharp pain stabbed her head. She leaned back in her chair, eyes closed, willing whatever was after her to go away. Then, shockingly, the headache eased and a sense of peaceful bliss stole over her. No, more than that. Erotic feelings were creeping through her body dampening her bikini panties and making her breasts ache inside the silken cups of her bra.

The image of the man that now shimmered before her shook her, both because of its startling clarity and because he was so completely, devastatingly masculine. Tall and lean, his muscles rippled enticingly beneath his olive skin, he had black hair that touched the nape of his neck and black obsidian eyes.  His face had a grimness that bespoke too much exposure to life’s misery.

And he was nearly naked!

Clad only in tight knit boxers, she saw the strength of his thighs and the impressive bulge of an erection that made her mouth water.

I want to fuck you.

Shock vibrated through her. Had he actually said that or did she just imagine it? Imagine, of course. This wasn’t real. She’d heard voices before but never like this. Never focused on her so personally. Never erotic! And why now was she having one of her rare visions where the image was as clear as if this man had really been in her presence? She was aware of every detail of it, awake and in a trance at the same time. Sensuality radiated from his body, reaching out to her like shimmering tentacles of heat.

Did you hear me? I want to fuck you. Take off your clothes.

An unfamiliar urgency gripped her and she had her blouse unbuttoned and half off before she snapped back to reality. She blinked her eyes, hard, and the image disappeared. Her hands were shaking and she was sweating. But more than that, the pulse in her womb throbbed with an insistent beat, demanding attention. Craving release.

What the hell?

She could barely catch her breath.

An unfamiliar bolt of lust speared through her, and her body was so hot she was sure she had a fever. She had a sense of actually watching herself, not being a part of this, even as she felt every throb, every sizzle, every electrified enhancement of her senses.

On legs not quite steady she stumbled to her office door, closed and locked it. Her trembling body collapsed into her desk chair and with almost frantic haste she unzipped her slacks and splayed her legs. Something blazing in the core of her was demanding satisfaction, craving release. Every sense she possessed, normal and psychic, was on high alert. Desperately she slid her hand under the silk of her panties until she found her very wet core. The tips of her fingers grazed across her clit and shock raced through her, intensifying the low thrum in her body.

Mia leaned her head back and started to close her eyes.

Open your eyes.

The voice was rough, commanding. Her eyes flew open.

Watch me while you do that.