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When passion becomes the mission, risk doesn’t matter

Protecting Terra


When Terra Oenning and Griffin Dunne were paid in a Department of Homeland Security Op, neither of them expected the heat that exploded between them like the cabin they were surveilling. Personal relationships have no place in their lives. Ever. Period. That’s it. Except the night the cabin blows up so does their restraint, the sex between them so hot it sets fire to the sheets.

When the trail they are following takes them to the frozen north of Maine, even that isn’t enough to cool them down, but like experienced DHS agents, they never take their eyes off their assignment. Terrorists, computer hackers and the Croatian Mafia are combining to destroy the United States and Terra and must focus on destroying them. No problem. Despite the addictive, off-the-charts sex, they are trained agents who do their job, surveilling key players and helping to set up the takedown.

But when it goes awry and Terra is caught in the crosshairs, it will be up to Griffin to rescue her, a wake-up call for both of them that maybe, just maybe, what they have between them is real.


Terra Oenning pulled back the cuff of her black sweatshirt so she could glance at the luminous dial on her watch. Twelve thirty. In the morning. Damn! The people they were watching had been in the rental cabin since noon with nobody in or out. She and former SEAL Griffin Dunne had tracked them to this place outside this shitty little town in Massachusetts. Now they were waiting, hidden in the trees, to see what happened next. Since their arrival, there had been no action at all.

“Maybe they all fell asleep.” Griffin’s rough voice was soft in her ear.

“I hope not. Otherwise we’ll be camped out here in the trees until the sun comes up, and that’s not good.”

Their stealth depended on the cover of darkness.

“We have no idea how long they stay in the cabin,” Terra whispered to Griffin. “Right?”

“None. Because they fucking disappear even while agents have eyes on the place. That’s why we’re stuck here in the woods.”

“Do not arrest anyone,” they were told. “We want the big cheese, but we also need to find out where the final gathering spot for this vermin is.”

A confidential source had managed to get word to DHS that someone was sneaking terrorist assholes over the border from Canada and guiding them to a meeting place in the States. The problem was everything was so meticulously planned no one knew where the final gathering spot was. Three had already made it across before they even learned of it. When DHS managed to get eyes on the next two, they learned the route varied each time. The first handoff was always in the same place, but for the second stop the only commonality was all of them were in New England. And at the second rendezvous stop they’d up and disappeared into thin air.

They’d picked up this handoff at the usual spot in Maine and managed to switch cars twice to avoid being spotted. Where they went from here was the question. Which was why she and Griffin Dunne were hugging trees in the middle of the night. watching the piece-of-shit cabin, and waiting. Since their arrival, there had been nobody in or out of the house except the target who they had eyes on and the two men with him.

“We’re convinced something big is in the works,” their boss at Homeland Security, Hal Winters, had told them. “There’s a new jihadist group gaining power in the Middle East. It’s called Abna Allah, the Sons of Allah. With the information our source unearthed, we believe they may be part of it.” He snorted. “Their turn to take a shot at bringing down America, I guess.”

Griffin rubbed his chin. “Not good. Not good at all.”

“No kidding,” Hal agreed. “I can’t stress enough how even though we had eyes on two of them before this, they up and disappeared before our eyes. The agents who trailed them are experienced at this, so there’s something hinky here.”

“Why not pick them up, then?” Griffin had asked.

“Because we want to know where they’re all meeting up and to find out what the fuck is going on. We need you two to follow them and make sure they take the latest one to where they brought the others. Stake out the spot where they wait for the next pickup. That’s where these pieces of trash are somehow disappearing into thin air. I want to know how. And stop it.”

“Who’s bringing them into the country?” Terra had asked. “And where?”

“We have an idea who, and the crossover spot is in Maine. We have to find out where they end up so we can scoop them all up at once.”

“No clue where they might end up?” Terra had asked.

“None, and we’d better find out before they blow up the country, or whatever they’re planning.”

“We’re on it,” she’d assured him, glancing at Griffin, who nodded. “We’ll get it done.”