Rough Rockstar

A Wild Rock and Roll Ride

He plays hard and he plays rough. That’s just what she needs.

Skye Lockhart wasn’t just another member of Lander Love’s band. She was the love of his life, and losing her broke his heart. Now she’s back, and this time things will be different. This time he’s not going to hide his rough side. But when Skye learns the dark secret he has kept from her will Lander lose her a second time?

Publisher’s Note: Rough Rockstar includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



The moment the door closed behind him, Skye wrapped her arms around Lander’s neck and melted against him.

“Try not to worry,” he said softly. “Everything will work out.”

“Jim made the danger seem so real. Maybe he’s right. Maybe we should cancel. We’re so exposed on stage.”

“Hey,” he murmured, placing his hand under her chin and tilting up her head. “Between Riverton, the cops, and Jim’s bodyguards, our security will be super tight, but if that’s what you want, I’ll do it.”

She paused, then shook her head.

“No, sorry, I just wobbled for a minute. I don’t want the bastards to win either, whoever they are.”

“Do you want to stop time?” he muttered, clutching her hair and jerking back her head. “Ooh, Lander, yes, please.”

“I mean, really stop time. Doing something you’ve never done before.”

“That covers a lot of ground.”

“Once I start, you can’t tell me to stop.”

“Uh, why not?”

“That would be too easy. No matter how scared you are, you have to surrender—you have to trust me.”

An unexpected shiver pricked her skin.

“Yes or no, angel?”

“Yes,” she mumbled breathlessly.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Suddenly swooping her up and carrying her into the bedroom, he kicked the door shut with his foot, laid her on the bed, and moved to the window to close the blackout drapes. She was starting to pull off her top, but striding back, he swiftly straddled her and grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head.

“Close your eyes and leave your arms where they are.”

As she let out a strange mewling sound, he lifted the slinky black shirt over her head, then used it to tie her wrists.

“I do love these,” he murmured, gazing at the silicon petals covering her nipples. “I almost want to leave them there.”

As he very slowly peeled off the first, she moaned softly, then squealed as he yanked away the second. Lowering his mouth, he drew in her cherry tips like a ravenous vampire, sucking fiercely, moving from one to the other for long, endless minutes.

“Please,” she begged, squirming beneath him. “I can’t take any more. I want you so much.”

Slipping off her and slowly unzipping her boots, he pulled them off and tossed them aside.

“Keep your eyes shut, roll over, get up on your knees and rest on your elbows.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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