Whether you’re already a fan of The Phoenix agency or haven;t yet met the courageous men and their wives who all have a touch of psi, this short story is a tasty little treat. Meet the newest additions—Gaby and Ben, who are only steps ahead of a killer.

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Color of Darkness

Gaby Durand can’t escape visions of black fog or the image of a dead body.

Phoenix agent Ben Winters is all that stands between her and the killer.

Can he save her even as intense attraction binds them together?


The episode hit her as it always did, when she least expected it. One minute Gaby Durant was in her bedroom packing her suitcase, waiting for her assigned bodyguard, the SEAL of her dreams, to pick her up and take her to a safe house. The next she was enveloped in a choking cloud of darkness. Her eyesight blurred and pain stabbed at her as the aura of evil, thick and dark and menacing, surrounded her, choking her as nausea rolled through her. In the center was the same image that led her here to begin with, Justin Harding brandishing a knife. In front of him was an iconic bird known as the phoenix, its bloody head lying on the floor. The scene was so sharp and clear it stole her breath. Was he close? Would they find him again before he killed?



No, no, no!




She wanted to shout the words but they were frozen in her brain. Closing her eyes, she tried to will the image away. And then, with the same suddenness, the darkness and the scene it surrounded dissipated. The thick black fog was gone. She dropped to the bed, weak and shaking from the episode. She hated this, hated the drain on her strength that these always caused. Hated feeling weak.


Welcome to The Phoenix Agency

They served their country in every branch of the military – Army Delta Force, SEALs, Air Force, Marines. We are pilots, snipers, medics – whatever the job calls for. And now as private citizens they serve in other capacities, as private contractors training security for defense contractors, as black ops eradicating drug dealers, as trained operatives ferreting out traitors. With the women in their lives who each have a unique psychic ability, they are a force to be reckoned with. Risen from the ashes of war, they continue to fight the battle on all fronts. They are Phoenix.

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Their Stories

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