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What do you do…..

…..when everything you’ve ever known has been taken from you? Family, career, purpose.

Levi Taylor has no family waiting for him after his discharge. He is a broken Marine without a job or direction. The home that has always brought him comfort is the last place he wants to be….until he meets her, a reclusive woman new to his small town.

What do you do when everything you thought you knew is an illusion? Life, love, trust.

Lynn Carter’s life is a lie, both the past and the present. She is on her own, just trying to blend in and remain unknown. She discovers it’s a difficult task when she becomes the focus of a determined Marine. But can she learn to trust him when everyone she’s ever known has deceived her?

When their lives force them to face their pasts and fears, they must decide whether to run and hide or listen to their hearts and fight for the one thing that matters above all else, each other.


I stand slowly, hoping that I won’t suddenly discover this is all a dream even though it’s the best one I can remember having in forever. Extending my hand, I reach for her. She places her hand in mine and steps forward around the couch. I take the blanket from around her shoulders and she shivers. The air in the house is cool and crisp. Looking up at me, she removes the band securing the end of her braid. Her fingers move gracefully, undoing the woven strands. The light scent of vanilla immediately hits me. Now, a shiver runs across my skin. On their own, it seems, my hands move. My fingers thread through her thick, honeyed hair, sliding to the ends. It’s softer than silk. I watch as her golden eyes search my face. After a moment, she closes her eyes and a soft exhale escapes her lips. Every muscle in my body has locked in place. I desperately try to keep my touch light as my hands run down her arms. Goosebumps have broken out over her skin. It takes every ounce of control I have not to press my body to hers and claim her mouth.

I whisper, “Come on, let’s lie down. You’ll get chilled standing here much longer.”

I turn and push the over-sized ottoman next to the couch to give my back some added support behind me. The couch is wide, but I don’t want to feel like I’m going to fall on the floor at any moment or flatten Lynn into the cushions trying to make room for myself.

She lies down on her left side and I am on my right, facing each other. My arm is a pillow for her head, which fits just under my chin. I don’t press against her too much. I want her to decide how close she wants to be. To my surprise and pleasure, she fits us together, twining her legs with mine and crushing her fantastic little body to me. I pull my hips away just slightly to try and keep my sanity, reminding my rock hard cock he’s not getting any action tonight. She apparently is not happy with our position and has other ideas. She scoots her hips closer and plasters herself against me. I’m pretty sure my brain short-circuits as I wrap my other arm around her hips and lower back tightly, possessively. I hear her sigh contentedly and feel all the tension drain out of her body.

Despite the demands of my body, I say softly, “Go to sleep, darlin’,” kissing the top of her head.

I’m pretty sure she’s already more than halfway there because a soft murmur is the only response I hear.


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Meet Emily Grey

Emily Gray is an author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her first two novels and the upcoming third are part of an ongoing series, Heroes & Warriors. She loves alpha males and strong, independent heroines who don’t need saving. She always writes an HEA, but has fun putting obstacles in her characters’ paths. However, she makes sure to reward them with the love they deserve for all their struggles. Originally a Virginia girl, who had enough of cold weather, she moved to the Florida sunshine. When she’s not immersed in the lives of her characters, she’s trying to maintain some balance while juggling the hectic schedules of her family all with the constant help of coffee and chocolate.

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