Who doesn’t love a tortured hero? He;s an iconic figure in romance novels, his emotional angst so real and devastating that you ache for him while you read bout him. Now add to that a world crisis, some inherently evil people who’d like to destroy everyone they can’t control, written with Brad Thor’s experienced hand and unique, exciting style and you have yourself an emotional, breathtaking winner.  And that’s what you find in Thor’s latest Scot Harvath thriller, NEAR DARK.  When The Lions of Lucerne, the first book in this incredible series, was released in 2003, I was immediately captured by the plot and characters. In fact, hand to God, I stayed up until four i the morning so I could finish it.

I was hooked. Permanently. Not only was the book skillfully written but the characters leaped off the pages and grabbed you, never letting go. I could hardly wait for the enxt one. And through eighteen more books I have only become more addicted.

Now. I write romance novels. Okay, romantic suspense, but for me as for many romance readers, it’s all about the hero. Believe me, in Scot Harvath is a man every romance reader will fall in love with. I met Harvath in THE LIONS OF LUCERNE when he was a brash former SEAL, former Secret Service agent then an agent with a private covert agency, The Carlton Group. Through each succeeding book you knew he was the person you most wanted protecting you or solving a world problem. A man who would sacrifice himself to save you. Whose principles set a high standard.Through it all he was the ultimate adrenaline junkie, which in many ways was what made him so good at his job. Settling down wasn’t on his bucket list. Even when he fell in love with Lara and married her, he still chased the most dangerous assignments. When she was killed it destroyed him and his only goal was to drink himself to death.

But in NEAR DARK, with a bounty on his head, the trained agent comes to life again and even meets a woman who is his equal in many ways.And unexpectedly rings his chimes. Just by being who she is she helps to bring him back from the dark side and look to the future again.

As he works his way through the complicated world of secrets and lies and betrayal to find the man who wants him dead, his chance to retrieve his life comes to him in the form of a woman whose bravery equals his and who shows him that there is life after tragedy.

For all the women out there who absolutely love flawed heroes, the kind of men who who teeter on the brink of self-destruction only to redeem themselves when the chips are down, this is a must-read book.

This story has everything – a spine-chilling villain, a gorgeous woman who is as skilled as Harvath yet with a generous helping of empathy and emotion, and…oh, well, I can’t tell you that. It would spoil the story. You’ll have to read it for yourself. You MUST read it for yourself.

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