ONLY 4 more days to meet another SEAL hero

That’s right. The hero of HIDDEN DANGER, which is available ONLY through July 5 for 99 cents.


Something is wrong in Alix Bonner’s marriage. Maybe in her life. How can she pick two losers in a row? But her husband’s lack of attention is nothing compared to the shocking graphic she sees on their television screen when she arrives home unexpectedly. Now she has to get away before he knows she’s seen it…and erases her.

Charlie Zalman—otherwise known as Charlie Zero or Zero—is heading home after a long assignment for Brotherhood Protectors. All he wants is a hot shower, a cold beer and a soft bed. He’s still nursing the damage to his arm that got him his medical discharge from the SEALs and chased away the woman he thought loved him. No more women, at least for more than one night. Until he finds Alix Bonner stranded on the highway and frightened out of her mind.

Lee Bonner has built an empire on corrupt business but now it seems to be closing in on him. Someone has snitched to the feds and his wife has seen information never meant for her eyes. She can tighten that noose around her neck if he doesn’t find her.
But he doesn’t know about Brotherhood Protectors, trained former military led by Hank Patterson, who will do anything to save their own. In less than twenty-four hours everyone’s life will change.


He pulled out his calm, reassuring tone of voice. “I’ll be right there. Stay in your car with the doors locked like you were. Hang on. I’m on my way.”

But first he texted the license plate to Hank with a request to see who it was registered to.

There were no cars on the road other than his so he made a wide U-turn and hit the gas, pushing the speedometer past eighty. He passed a couple of cars coming from the other direction. He wondered if any of them had stopped and how the woman had handled it.

Then he was there, making another wide turn so he could pull up right behind her. He jogged up to the driver’s side of her car and there went his antennae again. She was still sitting in that same rigid pose, as if relaxing would cause her to fall apart. Her face was even whiter, if that was possible, and her hands were clenched into fists in her lap. When he rapped on the window she jerked as if hit with an electric wire. She opened one hand to lower her window.

“Did you call for a tow?” was the first thing he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I…Just…No.”

“Alright.” He swallowed his questions and pulled out his cell. “Let’s take care of that first.”

Charlie felt marginally better when Reggie Forman said he’d head out right away. He stashed his phone and turned back to the woman. “We’ll wait for him but—”

“Wait for him?” If possible, her face grew even paler. “Can’t we just go?”

Charlie lifted a brow. “Go where? And we have to give him the keys.”

“We could drop them off. I—” She swallowed. “I really want to get out of here.”

She was doing the looking over the shoulder thing again. Yeah, definitely spooked.

“Okay.” He made his voice as low and even as possible. ” Come on. Get out of the car and bring the bag in the back seat with you.”

She stepped out of the car and reached in the back seat for her bag. Her hands trembled so much she almost dropped it. Charlie took it from her, gently, and guided her into his SUV. She couldn’t have been much over five feet and at the moment looked extremely fragile.

“Hold on a sec,” he told her and went back to grab her car keys from the ignition.  Then he called Reggie to tell him. “He’s okay with us dropping them off,” he told the woman. He said he’s almost here, anyway. Do you have someplace I can take you? Drop you off?”

She shook her head. “No.” Her voice was so soft he had to strain to hear it.

“Do you know anyone around here?”

She bit her lip, then after a long moment shook her head. “No one I can go to.”

Wasn’t it just his damn luck? Charlie swallowed a sigh, then punched another number on his cell.

“Hank? Hey, it’s Charlie. Yeah, I was headed home but change of plans. I’m bringing a guest to the office. The woman who belongs to the license plate I sent you. She’s spooked by something and has no place to go. Maybe we can help.”

Hank chuckled. “Another stray?”

Charlie ground his teeth. It was a joke among the agents that he drew strays like magnets drew metal. He chose to ignore Hank’s comment.

“We’ll be there in twenty.”

“See you then. Oh, and by the way, something very interesting came in while you were still gone. Something I’ll want you to be part of. This is a Zero specialty.”

“Okay.” A sour taste filled his mouth. Hank’s words meant whatever this was had to do with guns and drugs, two things Charlie had a personal reason to hate.