I mean, just in case you are interested!

Creating a story isn’t something you can do off the top of your head. Some authors are plotters, meticulous in diagramming every detail of a book before thye even write the first word. I’ve never been able to do that. I’m what’s known as a pantser. I write by the eat of my pants. My stories come from my characters and can change many times before the book is finished, depending on what they tell me.Sometimes an event inspires me and I have to develop a story around it, as I did with MOVING TARGET. I had read and fallen in love with Linda Howard’s CRY NO MORE. I wrote MOVING TARGET in a humble attempt to create my own version of her hero, Diaz. Thus Quinn was born and still has a major spot in my heart. And that book became the lead in GUARDIAN SECURITY.

BLURB: Kathryn Burke knows only that she has to get far away as fast as she can. In a frantic, cross-country odyssey, she transforms from pliable Kathryn to feisty, determined Kate Griffin, staying one step ahead of the killers on her trail. Then Fate delivers her into the hands of a dark knight with a tortured past. The safety he offers is as tempting as he is.

After having his perfect life ripped apart, recluse Quinn sees protecting Kate as his chance for redemption. He never plans on wanting the guarded beauty, never mind falling for her. Denying the explosive chemistry between them is useless, and as danger closes in, he must fight to expose the killer or risk history repeating itself.


And so my journey continues, rocky and bumpy though it was. The best part was going to cons and connecting with readers, who are the best people in the world and a writer’s lifeblood.

I bumbled along for a while with VERY moderate success until I sold my first book to Ellora’s Cave. Who knew that at the age of 70 I could build a great career writing erotic romance! LOL! My first title with them was a Quickie (15K words) called CUPID’S SHAFT. That book is now available through Totally Bound.


A freezing winter’s night, a hot stranger and a sexy female with erotic plans. One hot Valentine’s Day coming right up.

When Jessie Rawlins’ boyfriend dumps her just before Valentine’s Day, she ends up by herself at her isolated cabin in Maine with all the trappings for the holiday—including a bag of kinky toys—and no one to celebrate with. Then a snow storm dumps gorgeous Riley Malone on her front porch. Running from a broken relationship himself as well as a business partnership gone bad, Riley thought his good luck had run out. Until fate—and Cupid—strands him at Jessie’s cabin.

What woman hasn’t fantasized about having a sexy, handsome stranger come out of nowhere and rock her world? When Riley shows up on her doorstep, frozen half to death, Jessie knows exactly how to warm him up. But will Riley want to play along with the games she’d planned for her Valentine’s celebration? A night of hot, erotic, sizzling sex answers that question. But what will happen when the day for lovers is over, the storm is gone and it’s time for him to be on his way? Will he take a piece of Jessie’s heart with him, or will Cupid’s arrow strike them both?

Ellora’s Cave also gave birth to my blockbuster series, THE PHOENIX AGENCY.

“They served their country in every branch of the military – Army Delta Force, SEALs, Air Force, Marines. They are pilots, snipers,snipers, medics – whatever the job calls for. And now as private citizens they serve in other capacities, as private contractors

training security for defense contractors, as black ops eradicating drug dealers, as trained operatives ferreting out traitors.

With the women in their lives who each have a unique psychic ability, they are a force to be reckoned with. Risen from the ashes of war, they continue to fight the battle on all fronts. They are Phoenix. There are currently 7 titles in the series and I am working on the 8th.

Writing erotic romance became a lot of fun for me. I remember one scene in a story with a threesome the editorial director didn’t think one scene was possible. I went to Walmart, bought some Barbie dolls, posed them in various positions of the scene and sent the photos to the main office. No more emails after that.

I have had plenty of ups and down, plenty of duds as well as hit titles. And so many different things inspire me. Scenes from shows like  CSI, Chicago Med,  Blue Bloods, SEAL Team. Oh, yeah, I am addicted to SEALs, especially since I met New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr and we became friends. SEALs are like my crack cocaine!

Sometimes the story just won’t crystallize, or the character won’t behave the way I want him or her to. Deadlines loom and my characters are still telling me No Dice when I try to build the plot around them. Sometimes I have a deadline looming so close I worry I won’t make i. I pour my heart and soul into my books and spend sleepless nights wondering if readers will love it as much as I do. But I keep forging ahead because with all the pain and agony comes the deep, warm satisfaction when you, the readers, love a story I’ve sweated over. So I hope to keep doing it for a long time. This year I launch a brand new series, GALAXy, that I hope everyone will like. Watch for a post about that later in the year. In the meantime, I hpe you will check iut my books and give them a try,