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Throughout my life I have had many connections to the military. I grew up during and after World War II in Bangor, Maine, where a Strategic Air Command Base (Dow Field) was situated My stepfather was in the Air Force. I was engaged to an Air Force pilot. My late husband was first in the Marines and then the Navy. The class I took to renew my Concealed Carry license was taught by a former Army Ranger.  One of my prime resources for my books was in the Air Force. I live in Tampa, Florida, not five minute from MacDill AFB, headquarters for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).And of course there is my very treasured friendship with former SEAL and now best selling author Jack Carr. I have the most incredible respect for those who serve, which I think is why so many of my books have current or former military as heroes.

Because of that, so many of my books have heroes who are current or former military. On t his memorial Day 2020, I choose to honor all those who serve and ask that you observe a moment of silence for all who gave and all who give now.