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Forced to retire from the Navy after an ambush kills his SEAL team, former Lieutenant Commander Justice McQuaid is sent to Laguna Beach by the Secretary of State to be its newest chief of police. His mission is to investigate a possible domestic threat, though he questions why he was specifically chosen for this job, especially since he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Nothing is going to deter Sergeant Brielle McAdams from achieving her goal of becoming a SWAT officer for the LAPD. But unless she can pass one final physical challenge, she’s out. When she meets Justice patrolling the beach, she finds herself drawn into his life and his investigation.


When Brielle goes missing, it is a race against time to rescue her from a madman. For Justice, this is a mission he cannot fail to complete. Losing his men and his career nearly destroyed him. But losing Brielle, the woman who holds his heart, will break him.


Rescuing her is his greatest mission.



Excerpt Fighting for Brielle

And then he saw her. Tiger Eyes. Running toward him on the beach. Justice sped up and turned sharply to his left, spraying sand as he brought the UTV to an abrupt stop right in her path.

She came up short and stumbled, nearly falling forward onto the UTV.

Yanking out her earbuds, she yelled, “Are you crazy? I could have been seriously hurt!”

Justice pointed at his head. “Brain injury. I’m a retired SEAL.”

“And they let you drive this thing?” Incredulity laced her voice.

He flashed a broad grin. “I make this thing look good. Name’s Justice McQuaid, Chief of Police, Laguna Beach.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right, Beach Boy.” She tucked her buds back in her ears and started to move past the UTV.

Justice leaped from the UTV and blocked her. “Not so fast. Name and ID, please.” Behind his sunglasses his eyes shone with mirth. He didn’t have the right to detain her of course; he just wanted to know her name, and he’d let her go in a minute.

She wasn’t the least bit amused by his antics. “Okay, you want to play cop? Let’s play, then. I don’t have my ID or my badge on me, but I’m Sergeant Brielle McAdams, LAPD.”

Justice ripped off his sunglasses and stared at her. In the sunlight her eyes glinted like pure gold. His heart slammed into his chest, and his stomach tightened with his attraction to her.

“Yeah, right, Beach Girl,” he drawled, mocking her. “Impersonating a cop is a federal offense. Don’t move.” Speaking into his shoulder mic, he addressed Hutch. “Hey, I’ve detained a woman without any ID who claims she’s Sergeant Brielle McAdams, LAPD.”

“On it.” Within moments Hutch whistled. “Oh, Chief, you just stepped in deep doo-doo. Sergeant Brielle McAdams, LAPD. Numerous medals and letters of commendation for bravery extraordinaire. Training to be a SWAT officer. Daughter of former U.S. Attorney Cameron McAdams and,” he chuckled, “world-renowned historical romance author Brianna Birmingham. Noteworthy brothers are Dr. Trey McAdams, FBI profiler with the BAU, and Brendan McAdams, chief staff member to Secretary of State Barbara Washburn. As I said, you’re in deep, deep doo-doo.”

“Repeat that last part, Hutch.”

“You’re in deep…”

“No, before that,” Justice interrupted.

“Brendan McAdams, who works with Madam Secretary, is Sergeant McAdams’ brother. I’m sending you a photo of her now.”

Justice’s phone pinged. As he perused her photo, he thought, Jesus Christ. Brendan McAdams is her brother. I might have known. I wonder if she’s part of what’s happening out here.

            His eyes met hers. God Almighty, they mesmerized him. “Sorry, Sergeant,” he muttered. “A word of advice, though. Keep your ID and at least your badge on you from now on, if not your gun.”

“Duly noted, Chief.”

Brielle took off running down the beach. Justice watched her until she disappeared around a large rock formation.