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FINDING REDEMPTION is Book #5 in the Guardian Security series

The first series I ever completed

Ethan Caine is loosely based on a man who was a friend of my son’s, the kind of character you could make up stories about because you knew many of them were true. Although his story is Book #5 in Guardian Security, Ethan Caine and his adventures created a place in my mind long before I wrote the book. He’s the kind of man you definitely want to rescue you.

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Meet Ethan Caine, hero of FINDING REDEMPTION (Guardian Security #5)

Ethan Caine, former Marine/special ops agent, has been dealing with his own private hell. All he wants is to be left alone with a bottle of whiskey to drown the guilt of surviving a mission gone wrong. But he has finally agreed to go after Jamie Taylor, feeling an obligation to Jamie’s uncle, Josh Taylor, his best friend. Sometimes his only friend. But as he prepares to trek through Mexico’s Quintana Roo jungle , he’s fighting the demand of Lisa Taylor, Jamie’s mother, to go with him. He certainly doesn’t want her slowing him down. And he certainly can’t tell a soul she makes him ache to have her naked and beneath him. Worse, she stirs dreams of the future…something he doesn’t deserve.

Host: So, Ethan. This is your first op in a very long time. What made you agree to do this?

Ethan: (His expression sober) It was a difficult decision but I couldn’t say no.”

Host: Why is that?

Ethan: Josh Taylor is my closest friend. I’d do anything for him. (Snorts) I just hope I don’t screw it up, like… (pauses)

Host: Like?

Ethan: You have to know my last mission was screwed. Everyone died but me.”

Host: I also heard it wasn’t your fault.

Ethan: Whoever said that is stupid. It’s always the team leader’s fault.

Host: I also heard you did everything to try and save them.

Ethan: Can we move on here?

Host: Of course. Of course. (Clears throat) I understand Lisa Taylor is going with you.

Ethan: Big fucking mistake, but she won’t take no for an answer.

Host: I also hear you’re putting her through some intense training.

Ethan: (Snorts again) You know the old saying. What doesn’t kill you cures you.

Host: Let’s hope no one gets killed, right?

Ethan: Nods silently.

Host: I hear you’ve narrowed the target down to the Quintana Roo jungle in Mexico. My research tells me that’s a dangerous place to be.

Ethan: Danger’s my middle name.

Host: It certainly seems so. Rumor has it you have more covert missions’ under your belt than most dark operatives.

Ethan: Not up for discussion. We done here?

Host: (Clears throat.) Of course. It was an honor to have you visit us today and we wish you all the best and good luck. If anyone can bring Jamie Mallory home, I believe it’s you.

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