I am so excited to be part of the writerspace spring fling, with authors who are my favorites as well as yours.  There is a lkot going on all day. Check out the schedule:

  • 11 am ET: Author introductions Authors will introduce themselves and post questions, checking  the thread throughout the day.
  • 1 pm ET: Quarantine Confessions Tell the auhtors the craziest thing you (or a family member) have done in during the quarantine.
  • 2 pm ET: Something readers don’t know about the auhtors Check out funny or surprising anecdotes posted for readers
  • 3 pm ET: What are you reading? This is a two=way discussion, for readers to tell auihtors what thye like and auhtors to tell readers what they read
  • 4 pm ET: What’s Cooking? Authors will post a recipe (food or drink) that’s helping them make it through the long days at home!
  • 5 pm ET: Share something funny Both auhtors and readers. A free for all, fun thread. Post your favorite meme or joke or anything that amuses you.
  • 6 pm ET: Share a quote Pick up a book near you and share a quote with us. Great excuse to post a juicy quote from your latest release!
  • 7 pm ET: Wrap ups and goodbyes Time to say goodbye. Auhtors will give you a last taste of their latest release. Writerspace will be gifting extra swag prizes to a couple of random posters in this thread as well.