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Protecting: keeping safe from harm or injury.

Of course, for my heroes, protecting the heroines can be more than a full-time job. Sometimes they don’t want the protection. Sometimes danger comes from unexpected places. And sometimes it means caring for someone already a victim. But whatever the situation, my heroes are up to it.


She wasn’t a no-name sex kind of woman but stress had gotten the better of her…

She’d never see him again so she could indulge every need and desire she had with this hot, sexy, intense, troubled man. Now she has to put it out of her mind as the DEA task force she’s on prepares to take down dangerous drug kingpin Luca Vasquez, coincidentally her brother-in-law. When her sister is murdered and her niece disappears, she leaves he task force to find her.

He couldn’t get the memories of the woman out of his mind…

Being a SEAL was the only thing Clint “Razor” DaCosta had known for twenty years, until a disastrous mission ended his career. Now dreams of the raw sex with the passionate redhead are the only things that keep the nightmares of that mission at bay. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life when a phone call from a friend brings him to a shocking meeting.

Passion…danger…murder…a lethal combination

No one is more shocked than Razor and Arizona when he answers he call for help. The heat is still their and it’s hard to put aside the memories of their scorching sex. But first they must find her niece and avenge her sister’s murder. And hope they both don’t get killed in the takedown.


Arizona stared at the tall, muscular man, midnight black hair framing his face, square jaw with a scruff beard, and her breath caught in her throat. Was it really him? What in the actual hell was going on here? How had he found her? What did he want? Her face heated as she remembered those unrestrained hours in the motel room and the very erotic things they’d shared. Things she’d done with a man she never expected to see again.

Was this who Tex had sent?

Breathe, Arizona. Take a very deep breath and clear all that out of your mind. You can handle this.

She swallowed, hard, and finally managed to speak.

“How did you find me?”

“How did I find you? Give me a damn break. I could ask you the same thing. I’m here to meet someone named Arizona Hunt.”

She felt as if all the blood drained from her face. “You’re Clint DaCosta? Razor? Tex’s friend?”

His lips—the ones that had done wonderful things to her body and felt so good on her mouth—curved in a half-grin.

“At your service. And people know me better as Razor.”

Now, what was she supposed to do? Time was already passing too fast. By now the police would be on the case, and who the hell knew what was happening? She needed him desperately, and Tex did say he was the best of the best.

“Does Tex know about…” She waved a hand back and forth, pointing to him then to herself.

“Are you kidding me?” A disgusted look swept across his face. “Give me a break. I didn’t even know who I was meeting.”

“Okay, okay.” She chewed her lip. “You’d better be what Tex said you were because my niece’s life is at stake. Did Tex tell you what the situation is?”

“You don’t think I’d take it blind, do you? If you want to find your niece, we shouldn’t be wasting valuable time jawing here in the parking lot. We need to get someplace much more private so you can tell me all the details.”

She knew he was right. She’d just have to deal with all the conflicted feelings swirling around inside him.

“Put my address in your phone. It might look weird if you follow me. I don’t know what Vasquez knows anymore, and right now I don’t want to take any chances. And give me your phone number, too. Just in case.”

He rattled it off to her. She punched it in and seconds later his phone rang.

“Okay,” he told her. “All set.”

“You got GPS in that thing?”

“Wouldn’t leave home without it.”

“Then let’s get the hell out of here before someone decides we look like the couple of the day and starts taking pictures.”