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September’s Song


Ryan Jo Summers

Hero’s name, rank and serial number current or former):

Keegan Zackary London, no rank or serial number specified

Branch of the service Covert Special Ops, no branch specified as they each have special ops branches

What is his most heroic trait? Keegan was recruited into ultra-special ops due to his do or die “hero” behaviors to defend his team.  He does not see them as heroic but standing by his team, doing his job. He is humble. He will not do anything to put anyone he cares about in danger.

What kind of woman is his perfect match? His wife, Ivey. They were so much in love, and had such dreams, until Ivey was told Keegan died in action and she had to move on with her life. When Keegan escapes, returns for answers to his erased past and discovers Ivey, she is an instant turn on as they retreat together.


Ivey London was told her military husband died on a mission overseas. She buried him as a war hero and tried to move on with her life by raising their young son, dealing with her vengeful brother, and coping with her mother’s Alzheimer’s. Five years go by and one day she learns of a secret underground chamber were special soldiers are imprisoned to recover. Further, one amnesiac soldier managed to escape. When her son begins to display unusual behaviors, she goes to investigate. All evidence points to finding her late husband. If it is him, back from the dead, Ivey refuses to give him up again.

Keegan London awoke in a hospital cell with no memories. Fleeing, he finds himself in a strange, unknown world, with no one to turn to. Until he finds a friendly Priest who runs a homeless shelter and he stumbles across the woman who claims to be his wife. While she can fill some gaps in his lost memories, she cannot explain his curious abilities. Pursued by someone determined to get him back, Keegan has few options but to trust the woman who makes his heart fire like a cannon. Ivey has dibs on him, but first they have to uncover who—and what–Keegan really is before they can recover what they had.





Why do you like writing military heroes?

“September’s Song” was my first one. I chose an amnesiac war hero in order to have a blank slate to work with and develop. I enjoyed the freedom to mesh the characteristics and behaviors engrained from military training and their inherit personality. Also, I think writing sincere stories about our military heroes is a nice way to pay our soldiers back for all the sacrifices they have done for us.

Now I am working on two more military stories. One is a series of shorter length stories based on wounded vets at an equine rehabilitation ranch and finding the women of their dreams there, the other is part of an established series that features a wounded vet coming home to small town, coasting North Carolina and trying to adjust to home and family.

Author Bio:

Ryan Jo Summers writes romances that blur the lines of subgenres. She mixes contemporary with time travel, Christian, suspense, sweet, and paranormal like blending a fruit and yogurt smoothie. Her non-fiction works have appeared in numerous trade journals and magazines including ‘WNC Woman Magazine’, ‘Critter Magazine’, ‘Journey Devotions’, and ‘Vet Tech Journal’. She is a regular contributing author for the ‘Asheville Pet Gazette’.

Her hobbies include baking, crafts, gardening, enjoying nature, and chess/mah-jongg/word-find puzzles. She pet sits/dog walks when she’s not busy writing and she fosters homeless pets for area animal rescues.

She lives in a century-old cottage in North Carolina with her own menagerie of rescued pets and way too many houseplants. “September’s Song” is her second self-published work, the first one being the chronicles of the first two years with her adopted PTSD rescue collie.


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