Why do military men, active or former, make such great boy friends? They are heroes in so any novels and movies, idolized and lusted after, men who are icons of what so many women want their significant others to be.

They love deeply and thye are committed forever.

They have a strong sense of protection and are there for you in dangerous times.

They are warriors who are protective and will put themselves in the line of fire for you.
Think of all the movies where men in the military have been the stars. movies like American Sniper (the story of Chris Kyle), Zero Dark thirty (the hunt for Osama bin Laden), Lone Survivor (the story of the survival of SEAL marcus Luttrell), Top Gun, The LOngest Day, The Patriot…Well, you get the idea. I could go on and on but I now everyone out there has your own favorite. The point is, these are the heroes that live on in our minds…at least in mine!!…, men that so many authors use as models for their heroes.
Whether from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard or the Marines, they all represent  that strength and dedication.
That is why a group of authors and I wanted to introduce you to stories whose heroes are current or former military, and who will stay in your heats and minds long after the book is finished.
Get ready to be wowed.