A Bounty On Forever 

Former Navy SEAL Tony Franco is convinced his past is behind him. He now thrives as an emergency room nurse. But after learning there’s a bounty on his head, he will stop at nothing to protect those closest to him—including the new woman in his life, fiery Zumba instructor Sierra Sanchez.

Troubled by his secrecy and the escalating close calls, Sierra resists the sexual chemistry sizzling between them but Tony’s charismatic bedside manner disarms her.  As desire heats up, danger edges closer, threatening their lives and putting their forever in the crosshairs.


Two nifty little teasers:

#1. Wolf whistles and catcalls drowned out Tony’s words as he lifted Sierra’s dress high on her thigh. She sucked in her breath as his hand skimmed the inside of her leg. Goosebumps popped up along her arms and the pit of her stomach somersaulted. She gazed at the top of his uncovered head, fixated on the thick layers of textured hair while he adjusted the garter a few inches above her knee. With an uncontrollable urge to massage the deep brown mop, she scrunched and poised her fingers an inch from contact but froze when he raised his head and locked eyes with her. Did he have x-ray vision? She gasped, dropped her arms, and plopped her hands in her lap. His eyes, almost black with intensity, messaged clear desire as he offered his hand. “Want to dance?”


#2 “Are you being followed?”

Sierra gripped the wheel with trembling hands. “Maybe.” Her eyes darted in the mirror again, but the blinding glare of the headlights prevented her from discerning any detail about the vehicle except the outline of two heads. She pressed her foot on the gas pedal, her heart racing, her breath shallow.

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Meet Connie Y. Harris

With close ties to the Navy SEAL community, Connie’s mission as a writer is to offer the reader a realistic portrayal of men who transfer their alpha tendencies and athletic prowess into serving a noble cause.

A former English teacher and corporate executive Connie holds a B.A. from East Carolina University.  Although she spent many years in the corporate world, her first love has always been writing. She maintains a portfolio of songs, poems and stories she wrote as early as ten. When she isn’t creating new plots, Connie enjoys Zumba fitness and claims her best story ideas come to her while dancing the Salsa.

Connie lives near the Gulf Coast of Florida with her German Shepherd Dog and a cat who takes no prisoners.

Here is where you can find Connie