Deadly Homecoming

By Lorelei Confer

One is the loneliest number…

Madelyn (Maddy) Morris returns home to arrange her mother’s funeral.  While struggling with her grief she encounters the one man she never wants to see again, the ex who broke her heart and, in more ways, than one.

Garrett Fisher, her closest childhood friend and now an FBI agent assigned to the human trafficking task force, never stopped loving Maddie. When he sees her at her mother’s funeral, he decides to finally tell her his true feelings. 

Does Garrett have a second chance or has her ex stolen her from him again?



Maddy applied a small amount of makeup and dressed in a long dark-brown skirt and a beige silk top with a medium-brown suede belt. Her long-tasseled necklace and brown boots added the final touches.

Anxious to get out of the house and away from childhood reminders, she also very much wanted to spend time with Garrett. He was her best friend, her confidante, she could tell him anything, and he always understood. And right now, she was about to blow if she didn’t let something go.

She started down the stairs, glanced down to the bottom step, and paused. Garrett’s intense gaze was so intense he pinned her to the spot. He smiled and she relaxed.

“Maddy, you look beautiful!”

“Th—Thanks Garrett.”

“Ready to go?” He held out his hand to help her take the last step.

“Yes, let me grab my purse and a jacket.” She retrieved them from the coat-tree and locked the door behind her, checking it twice before leaving.

Maddy inhaled the cool spring evening air as she strolled to Garrett’s shining new car, his hand splayed on the middle of her back. He opened the passenger door and helped her in. The new-car smell sucked her mind into the memory of going to Logan’s senior prom.

Why do I conjure up this stuff? It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Except Logan’s apple-red Camaro had the same new smell and was spotless. Most of the guys in this rural area couldn’t afford a car, but Logan came from money. Valentine’s Day flashed before her. He had shown up at her house with flowers and a large heart-shaped box of candy. Splurging on her was something he liked to do and did often. No one else had ever made her feel so special.

Enough of the past.

Garrett interrupted her thoughts. “I shouldn’t be too long at the office. Would you like to come in?”

“Sure, I’d love to see where you handle all your FBI agent work.” Madelyn pulled a few strands behind her ear.

A few minutes later they arrived at his dad’s law firm where Garrett maintained a virtual space. Maddy was impressed at the exterior of the large building and even more with the interior when she followed him to his own office. He and his father had obviously done very well. Garrett stepped around the oversized cherrywood desk and sat in his high-backed leather chair. He opened his laptop, made some notes on a small piece of paper which he folded and slid into an inside pocket of his sports coat.

“Well, that’s it.” Garrett slid the phone into his pants pocket. “Are you ready to go? I’d like to show you where I live.”



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We asked Lorelei why she likes to write and here is what she told us:

In the fourth grade, as an assignment, I wrote a story about going to the doctor and getting a shot. I guess my teacher thought it was good and made it into a play inviting parents and other classes in attendance. Students in my class were characters.

I started writing a diary and then a journal every day, putting all my angst and fear of the unknown into words and on to paper. When my husband of 50 years was in Viet Nam, on two tours, I wrote newsy love letters to him every day. I continued writing about married life, raising happy children and maintaining a happy home, but only to myself.

Then, in 2006, I had a dream about being abducted, held captive, then running to escape my kidnappers. Back then, smuggling of young boys and women wasn’t in the news every day, there weren’t task forces dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking, there wasn’t even community involvement or awareness.

My love of reading sexy romance and suspense led me to write my dream, Deadly Deception. My research opened my eyes and revealed trafficking as a very lucrative and prolific profession and only growing more and more every day; and in reality, in my backyard. Deadly Deception, the first book in the Deadly series, was a way for me to get a message out to others to be more aware of their friends, their rides, their surroundings, their drinks, food, etc. at all times. And since, every book in the series has a different message.

Along with the suspense of the pursuit, there’s always enough romance and sex to keep the reader turning the pages and all happy ever after.

In my release on February 18th, Deadly Homecoming, the 5th book in the series, I introduce Truckers Against Trafficking, (TAT) and yes, a real organization. Many trucking companies educate their drivers of the signs of human sex trafficking and what they should do if they suspect it. For more information about this wonderful organization; to become a partner or make a donation, please visit their website: