A tantalizing PR guru who loves the game. A former basketball star now known as The Negotiator.


Meg Grail goes for the guys she knows she can play with…it’s easier than dealing with her past. Then she meets Collin Corwin, a sports agent who doesn’t compromise—and always gets the better end of the deal. Soon, a business meeting turns into a fiery, undeniable attraction.


The only problem: Collin has a rule about dating his client’s exes. And as it turns out, one of his clients is still head over heels for Meg.


Meg doesn’t take no for an answer, and she’s the queen of tease. She convinces Collin that they can be together and keep their trysts a secret. But secrets are hard to keep, especially when you have a dark past to contend with.


THE SECRET is the second installment of the All In series. At 75,000 words, this sizzling novel features a love-at-first sight secret romance and a guaranteed HEA. It can be read as a stand alone or after book one of the All In Series, The Rule.




I was soon standing outside Collin’s. I took a deep breath and found his buzzer.

He answered.

“Collin, let me up,” I demanded.

“Meg? What are you doing here?”

“Collin, let me up,” I repeated.

I heard a sigh, “Meg, it’s not a good idea.”

“Collin, it’s almost eleven p.m., it’s cold, and I’m standing outside your house in the dark. Let me in.” If I had to guilt him into letting me inside, I would.

The buzzer rang for me to open the door. I pushed my way through and rode up the elevator. When I got off the elevator, Collin was standing outside his apartment door barefoot. He had on navy pajama bottoms and a tan t-shirt that hugged his chest and arm muscles. His face had that neutral look again.

Great, he’s ready to negotiate me out of the building.

“Meg—” he started.

I held up my hand. “We can’t do this out here in the hall. Let me in.”

Collin looked at me like he didn’t think it was a good idea but also knew the hall wasn’t an option unless he wanted his neighbors to hear everything. He cautiously opened the door and let me in.

I shut the door behind him and locked it.

“Meg, what are you doing?” His tone was brisk and controlled.

“We have unfinished business.”

He ran his hands frustrated through his hair. “Keri is my client.”

“Keri and I are over; you know that.”

“But he doesn’t,” he stated adamantly.

Stepping closer to Collin, I removed my coat and threw it on his armchair. This time, I wore the clothes I had put on when Keri was at my apartment. “He gets it now.”

“Meg…I…we…” he stopped and closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and exhaled sharply. His demons were all over his face.

Stepping in front of him, I put my body right on his. I ran my fingers under his shirt and on his abdomen before I lifted his shirt and kissed his six-pack and pecs.

He shuddered slightly, and hardened against me.

“Stop fighting me,” I whispered.

“I have a rule…” he started.

I laughed hard. I knew all about the rules.

Seriousness flooded him. “I do.”

“I know you’re serious. Liv used to have a similar rule before Tom,” I grabbed his neck, brought his face down to mine, and kissed him like I had kissed no man before.

Collin moaned, and when we finally came up for air, I stepped back, removed my shirt and my pants, and stood once again in front of him in my lingerie.

He gulped. He wanted me, but I saw him wrestling with his rule.

“Let’s negotiate,” I suggested.

Collin stared at me, not sure what I meant. “Negotiate?”

“You break your rule. I’ll keep it a secret. No one has to know.”

“No one has to know?” He gazed at me like he didn’t quite believe me.

If I could only have him in secret, then I would. I wanted him, and I had to have him, no matter what the situation. “It’ll be our little secret.”

The negotiator came out, and he peered at me, but I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

I stepped forward, stroked his penis through his pajama bottoms, and whispered, “How do you want me, Collin?”

While his rod became steel, he sucked in his breath, bent down, and furiously began exploring my mouth. I put my hands in his pants to cup his ass, caressing him, and feeling his muscles contract under his smooth skin.

He quickly grabbed my waist and picked me up. I grabbed his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips.

Within seconds, my back was to the wall, and I was hanging onto him with everything I had. Collin’s mouth fluttered between my neck and my breasts.

I moaned. His lips felt like warm voltage on my skin, and my body buzzed against him.

“You’re going to keep this a secret?” he whispered against my neck in his deep voice, as he continued to kiss me.


He nibbled on my ear. “I can trust you?”

I pushed my forehead to his, so I was staring at him straight in the eyes. “Yes. I promise.”

He scanned my eyes.

“Stop worrying. Let me be your dirty little secret,” I teased him.

Collin laughed softly. “Okay, you can be my dirty little secret.”