A whip-smart businesswoman with one rule she’ll never break. A billionaire entrepreneur with a dangerous past.


Olivia “Liv” White is poised to take over eligible bachelor Tom Marko’s companies, but he wants something closer than a business relationship. Much closer. It doesn’t hurt that Tom’s handsome, a basketball star with a body to match, and just the right kind of aggressive.


The only problem? Liv doesn’t date clients—ever.


When Tom tricks Liv into spending four days with him at his Colorado mountain home, Liv’s rule is tested at every turn. She doesn’t know if she can resist Tom’s advances—or the feel of his hands on her.


Just as the hunger between the two of them reaches a breaking point, Tom’s past comes crashing back. The two are thrust into danger, and Tom and Liv have to decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to be together.


THE RULE is the first installment of the All In series. At 95,000 words, this sizzling novel features a love-at-first sight romance and a guaranteed HEA.






I glanced over at the man who sat on my couch and intensely watched me. No matter how attracted I was to him, he would be no exception. I wouldn’t act like a schoolgirl just because he was Tom Marko.

I would win his business, and my firm would continue to grow. But what was this about? I stared at him in question.

He smiled at me. “Liv…I like it.”

I didn’t respond to that. “What can I do for you, Mr. Marko?”

“Tom,” he directed for the third time that day, as his eyes pierced into mine.

I was flustered. “Sorry again. Tom.”

“I’m going to give one firm my business…all of my businesses. Including the companies, you don’t know about. But only if you are the right firm.”

Wait, was he actually involved in his business investments? What famous sports star was?

“What questions can I answer for you?” I sat up a little straighter. I uncrossed my legs and crossed them again. Why was I so jumpy?

His eyes drifted to my legs. Did I imagine that? Yes, I had to have.

Damn it. I should not have sat here. I wouldn’t be questioning this if I maintained my alpha position behind my desk, where I belonged.

“There are no questions to be answered except for one. Are you willing to really understand my entities and foundation?”

“Of course…my firm always—”

“Great. My driver will pick you up tonight at eight p.m. He will take you to Teterboro. I’ll meet you there. You’ll need to clear your schedule for the next four days.”

Teterboro…the private jet airport? What? The next four days? What is he talking about?

“I don’t understand.” I’m sure my face reflected my confusion.

“If you are going to represent my companies, my foundation, and me, then you need to fully understand what and who you’re working with. You know the current firm is a nightmare, and we have issues to solve. I have a rare four-day break. As you know, we are currently in season. So…it’s now or never.” His eyes bored into mine.

I tried to process all this.

Now or never.

“Four days?” I spit out, as my eyes threw daggers at him. “Isn’t that a little extreme? No offense, but I’ve already spent hours with my team reviewing all the companies Phil sent over. I didn’t throw a quick presentation together,” I hurled the words at him, angry that he expected me to clear my schedule with no notice.

Tom sighed. “Yes, I understand that. I didn’t expect anything but that from you. It’s why I’m here. But there are more entities and issues you don’t…you don’t know about. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, I’m willing to give you everything.”

He didn’t expect anything but that from me? What did he know about me? Willing to give me everything? Why did I feel like he wasn’t only talking about business? But surely this was only about business?

His eyes drilled into me, challenging me, cornering me to make a decision. I stayed quiet. Four days with him. This sounded legit, but…

“My jet will be on standby the whole weekend. If at any time, you want to leave and return early, you can. If you stay the entire time and still believe you can do the job you’re promising, then I will give you my entire portfolio to represent.” His voice was steel.

“And if I say no?” I tossed my chin in the air. Male clients asked me out, invited me on exotic trips, and even had the audacity to ask me to go away with them while their wives were pregnant. But no one ever framed a request like this before.

The words that came out of his mouth sounded business-related, but…

His mouth…I wondered what it would be like to explore it….

Snap out of it Liv, I scolded myself again.

“Then I will have to find another firm. It’s important to me that you fully understand what you would be dealing with.” Yep, this was absolutely non-negotiable.

“Can I ask where I’ll be going?” I didn’t like surprises. I couldn’t control surprises.



“Why Colorado?” I tried to sound authoritative, as though I had some control over the situation.

“You’ll see.” He paused.

I waited.

“It’s now or never, Olivia. Are you in or out?”

I hesitated. “This is required?”

“Yes.” He didn’t miss a beat.

Our eyes fixed in a challenging stare. “Then I guess…I’m in.”