I’m a romance author, so basically what I read are, well, romances, although I do love (and write) romantic suspense. But fifteen years ago I was introduced to the world fo political thrillers and since then fur actors have received a place of honor on my kindle and my bookshelves. You may think this genre is not for you but if you are looking for books that grip you from page one and never let go, read this blog. I just read two books—one a few weeks ago and one this week—that are so compelling I could not put them down.

Sometimes in life if you are very, very lucky you are fortunate en9ugh to meet people who not only have extraordinary talent but are extremely nice as well. I am one of those lucky people. And because of them I have become a political thriller addict.

In 2002 I was shopping with my daughter and daughter-in-law and in a Barnes & Noble and came across a book titled TERM LIMITS by Vince Flynn, a writer I had never heard of. But I read the blurb on the jacket, thought it looked interesting so I bought it. That began my love affair with the incredible Vince Flynn, a talent taken from us far too early. Mitch Rapp was the terrorists’ worst nightmare.

Until Brad Thor gave us Scot Harvath, a man who, like Rapp, was willing to sacrifice everything, and did, to keep this country safe. From Book #1, THE LIONS OF LUCERNE, I was hooked. Harvath, again like Rapp, puts his personal life second because the safety of this country and its citizens was paramount. I was so lucky to meet both of them, and to become friendly with Brad, to have such amazing individuals and such outstanding talent in my life.

I was sure there’d never be another hero to compete with Rapp and Harvath, until Matthew Betley came along with Logan West and OVERWATCH, a tense book with a hero who was fighting his own demons, but like the others, put country first and would do anything to protect it.

And just when I was positive the bar was raised too high for anyone else to reach, I met the incredible former SEAL, Jack Car, whose first book, The TERMINAL LIST, with its hero SEAL James Reece, kept me up all night reading.

They all have new release or have one about to come out. lethal agent, Mitch Rapp’s new story by Kyle Mills, who carries the Vince Flynn mantel onward, and RULES OF WAR. by Matthew Betley are due out shortly. TRUE BELIEVER, the next James Reece book will be out July 3o. I was privileged to receive an advance copy to read and all I can say is, “Holy s***!!! James Reece has reared his place in hero history.

And finally there is Brad Thor;s latest, backlash. Oh! My! God! This is the BEST book he has ever written. I have to hide my iPad during the day or I’d keep going back to reread parts of it and never get my own work done.

This might. not be romance but it’s everything else — danger, excitement, political intrigue. I promise, if you get these books  you will not be disappointed.