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That’s where it all began!


It’s funny how a simple meeting can generate an idea that takes off. Several years ago when I was still, living in Texas, my late husband, ?David, and I were in the town of Fredericksburg in the Hill Country. The are had been settled originally by Comanches. Then the Germans arrived and…but that’s another story. Anyway, we decided to visit the museum that laid out the story of the /comanches and Fredericksburg.There was a man, maybe in his late thirties, also looking at the displays. We got to talking, I learned he was a decedent of the original Comanches and, being the inquisitive person I am, asked him if we could buy him a cup of coffee.


He was one of the most interesting people I’d ever met, and didn’t mind sharing information with me, although I could tell there are still centuries of resentment spilling over into today. I knew I had to put him n a book as the hero, and he had to be a certain ind of person and certain kind fo hero. At the time I was developing a new story for Ellora’s Cave, and my coffee date became the model for Noah Cantrell,  vice prescient for security at Arroyo, an international conglomerate, and the man Taylor Scott, my heroine, falls in love with.


When Ellora’s Cave coxed its doors the book mo ver easily to Totally Bound, and did well enough that they asked me to use it to launch a series. First I needed a name, and my super smart son, Steven, suggested Corporate Heat. Noah and Taylor played a mini role in Book #2, Double Deception, but they are back full tilt in Book #3, Masquerade.


Masqerade is a finalist for the One Award (Pause while I pinch myself) and I am super excited. But I keep thinking, what if I’d never met that man in Fredericksburg and had a cup of coffee with him? Might Masquerade never have been born? Funny how things in life turn out, right?

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