Joey Hill writes the most incredible erotic romances I have ever read. Her The Ice Queen was the very first erotic romance I ever read, the first BDSM story I ever read, and well, damn! I was just hooked after that and had to buy everything she wrote. It’s a good thing that are all virtual books on virtual shelves or I’d have to move into a bigger place!

It is a real treat for me to feature tis newest of her vampire stories on my blog. And it will be a treat for you to buy it and read it. Here is a little taste and the link to a bigger one. (And we know that bigger is better! *wink*)


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xIt’s 1941, and Nina signs up to serve with the Australian Army Nursing Service in Singapore. What happens to her when the city falls to the Japanese will shatter Nina all the way to the soul. But fate seems determined to give her more than she can bear. When her twin sister dies in a car crash, Nina is informed that she must take her place as an InhServ, an Inherited Servant, groomed from childhood to serve a vampire master.


Even as she rages against her fate, she is baffled at Lord Alistair’s insistence on having her as his servant. But that’s not the most confusing thing about her new Master. The ways in which he commands her surrender to him lead her to a terrifyingly different understanding of her will and her dreams. By binding herself to him, can she become whole again, but in a way she never expected?


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