Have you read any stories about The Phoenix agency?

Have you read some?

I have partnered with Decadent Publishing to rerelease many of those in the Phoenix Agency Kindle World. Plus there are m nay new stories coming in the months ahead.

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Jungle Inferno, Book #1, The Phoenix Agency, was never written to be the introduction to a series. Ellora’s Cave, who at the time was my main publisher, was dipping their two in the non-erotic waters with a psychic imprint titles The Lotus Circle. Theoretically founded in Asia to bring together women of psychic ability, it had been resurrected by a modern day psychic to reach out to and empower woken everywhere with psychic abilities. Each book. in the imprint would deal with a particular type of psychic ability.

I happened to be listening to an Emmy Lou Harris/Don Williams recording of the song f I Needed You, by the incredible singer/songwriter, the late Townes Van Zandt.

If I needed you would you come to me

Would you come to me, for to ease my pain

I was fascinated at the time by stories of military romance and the bravery especially of Special Ops warriors.

Second thing: I was still living in Texas and taking the class to renew mu Concealed Carry License. The instructor was a former member of a Delta Force Team and holy mother, what a guy. He of course is no longer in the military but with his partner runs a gun range and security service in Texas. I would certainly raise my hand to have him protect me any time at all.

So my brain took off running. Special Ops. If I Needed You. Psychic ability.

There had been a story in the news about a Delta Force mission compromised because of politics and most of the team killed.  So I thought to myself, what if the hero’s team had been ambushed because their mission was leaked and everyone thought he was dead. What if he was the prisoner of terrorists in Peru and no one knew he was still alive. And what if the only way he cold get a message out was telepathically to the woman he’d secretly loved all these years, the one he’d been able to communicate with since they were in high school.

But I needed a framework for the story, too. So in my mind I thought a but four men in different Special Forces branches of the military, childhood friends who made a vow to protect citizens and country in ways the government could not. Burned by the devastation and disaster they’d seen, they adopted the symbol of the Phoenix, because like the mythical bird they rose from the ashes of war to defend mankind.

Faith, my heroine, was receiving messages from Mark and she knew his time was running out. But because of politics she could not get anyone to look into it or mount a rescue. But a quirk of Fate led her to contact Rick Latrobe on an unlisted number, and as they say, things got hot after that.

The book was so successful, readers loved it so much, that I was asked to turn it into a series, with each of the partners having his own story.

Every book has been research thoroughly, both with military contacts and private contractors. I even did a lot of research on my psychic dog, the star of Scent of Danger. It has been a great journey and I plan to continue it.

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