Kindle Press is running specials in 4 of the 6 Phoenix agency books, during June. These are the books that created the environment that was used to establish The Phoenix Agency Kindle World. It began with JUNGLE INFERNO, rescuing Capt. Mark Halloran, the man who became the fifth partner. Each subsequent book wive the stories of the four original members who, like Phoenix, rose from the ashes of war to defend and rescue people.


Although as of July 17 all Kindle Worlds will disappear from Amazon, along with the books written for those Worlds, both The Phoenix agency and The Omega Team will live as part of the stable of Decadent Publishing. Watch for the relaunch July 20.

I love this series so much, and I loved doing the research as I wrote the stories. If you are new to Phoenix (or just don’t have all the titled) here is your chance to get them at a bargain price.

June 1-30

Extrasensory (#2) and Freeze Frame (#4) will be on sale for only $1.99.


Mia Fleming has battled for control of her precognitive skills most of her life. Sometimes they work,sometimes they don’t. But her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid, she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company. Dan Romeo, senior partner at the Phoenix Agency, is putting his skills to work helping his friend, Scott Carpenter, track down the person threatening his company. He can’t believe it’s Mia, who makes him think about off-the-charts sex—until bodies begin falling. As Mia’s visions escalate, so does the chemistry between her and Dan, along with an unexpected emotional connection. When an attempt is made on Mia’s life and she is almost killed, Dan and his team must race to find the culprits before they can strike again—or put Mia down for good.




Freeze Frame

Katherine “Kat” Culhane was a highly sought after remote viewer, but her gift was beginning to splinter, and just at a time when she needed it the most. Her sister Mari, along with Mari’s employer and his family, have been
kidnapped. But Mike D’Antoni, a partner in the shadowy Phoenix Agency, is suddenly back in her life and could be the only person to help find the hostages. The chemistry between them is just as hot as it ever was, but they parted on very bad terms. Can they put the past behind them as they race to find and rescue the hostages? And what will happen when it’s time to say goodbye again?  




From June 9-June 16 the following books will be on special for just 99 cents!

Feel the Heat (#5)

Summer Cahill lives as quietly as she can, protecting her ability as a psychic healer. But danger brings Troy Arsenault into her life—along with scorching sex and intense emotions. Resisting him isn’t even a question, in or out of the bedroom. He protects her from the evil stalking her even as he teaches her what erotic sex is all about. When she’s kidnapped, his world is turned upside down and he employs all the resources of The Phoenix Agency to rescue her. He won’t rest until she’s back safely in his life—and in his bed for the rest of their lives.






Formula For Danger (#6)

Running back to Texas after an emotional disaster in San Francisco, J. L. Mitchell, microbiologist, is throwing herself into the development of a new, drought-resistant grain. Little did she expect to reconnect with Cole Martin, who rings al her bells, or to discover that her formula was at risk of being highjacked. As her work progresses, so does her relationship with Cole. When she is kidnapped, he brings all the recourse of The Phoenix Agency, where he has just become a partner, into play, hoping they will be in time.

Note: These books can be read as stand alones.

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Note: These books can be read as stand alones.

Get them here:   AMAZON

Become a Phoenix Agency special agent by joining the Desiree Holt Readers Group: