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This is the book the RT Book Reviews called “a fast-paced page-turner that makes for a quick and entertaining read.” 4 Stars and readers are calling “a wonderfully crafted story full of edge-of-your-seat suspense, spine tingling danger, heartfelt drama and sexy romance .”

When you don’t know how the story will end . . .

After years of hard work honing his craft, Blake Edwards is now an international bestselling author. But one thing he never imagined was that his fictional world would become all too real. When a stalker turns Blake’s latest book tour into a treacherous and nearly deadly trap, it’s time for Blake to hire protection. But the body assigned to keep an eye on him is someone he never wants out of his sight . . . 

As a bodyguard for Vigilance, the private security agency in Blake’s hometown of Arrowhead Bay, Samantha Quenel has found the perfect outlet for her military experience. But her latest client is also a former high school flame, which might explain her willingness to protect Blake at all costs—even if that means staying in the same room with him, on the same bed, under the same torrid sheets . . .
Exclusive blog excerpt:

As he reached his station another woman came forward, hand extended.

“Margaret Breakstone. I’m the manager and have to tell you how delighted we are to have you. I hope you don’t get writer’s cramp, because when you’re done we have a ton of presolds for you to sign.”

“Great. My publisher will be pleased.”

She laughed. “Oh, I’d say they’re already pretty happy with you.”

He placed his messenger bag against the wall behind him, pulled out the chair, and sat down. When he took another look around he thought it was a good thing he didn’t get claustrophobia. People were jammed together so tightly they were a solid wall behind the ropes and stanchions.

“This is…amazing.” He looked back at Margaret. “They don’t bite, do they?”

She laughed. “We haven’t had that happen yet, although I suppose there’s always a first time. Your publisher was quick to let us know you still hadn’t gotten used to your celebrity. It’s nice to meet someone who isn’t way over the top.”

“Thank you. I think.”

She waved a hand at the table. “The confirming email told us to be sure and have bottled water for you, and a supply of the pens you like to use. Jocelyn will be your guardian. If you need anything else, just let her know.”

“Thank you again.”

He picked up a pen and got ready to greet the first person in line. After that there was no time for conversation except with the people waiting so patiently. He lost track of time, as the readers kept on coming. Each one had a smile and a compliment and he tried to think of something special to say to each of them. And then, finally, he was done. He looked around and saw most of the crowd had cleared out. A few souls were still browsing but the mob had dispersed.

“You’re a hardy soul, Mr. Morgan.” Jocelyn smiled at him as he leaned back in his chair and stretched. “Thank you again for this.”

“No, thank you. For having me.” He wound his fingers together and cracked his knuckles.

“You have to stop doing that, Blake. It drives people crazy.”

He could hear Annemarie’s chiding voice in his ear. In the past few weeks he’d come to realize exactly how much of his life she was involved in, and how much he’d come to depend on her. Another item high on his list during the break was finding her replacement. He hoped to hell there was someone out there as good as she was.

“Mr. Morgan?” Margaret Breakstone’s voice interrupted his mental wanderings.

“Yes.” He dug out his professional smile. “Presolds, right?”

“Before that a reporter is here and would like an interview for the newspaper. He said his photographer got some great shots with you and the crowd.”

“Oh, sure. Of course.”

“We have a conversation area set aside for it,” Margaret told him. “Come on.”

He rose from the chair, turned to pick up the messenger bag…and froze. On the flap of the bag someone had affixed a sticky note.

I know what you did.

What the hell?

Without Warning