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Feel the Heat (Authors /after Dark Book of the Year)

Summer Cahill lives as quietly as she can, protecting her ability as a psychic healer. But danger brings Troy Arsenault into her life—along with scorching sex and intense emotions. Resisting him isn’t even a question, in or out of the bedroom. He protects her from the evil stalking her even as he teaches her what erotic sex is all about. When she’s kidnapped, his world is turned upside down and he employs all the resources of The Phoenix Agency to rescue her. He won’t rest until she’s back safely in his life—and in his bed for the rest of their lives.


Summer slid off the safety chain and opened the door just enough for Troy to slip through. When she closed it, she hooked the chain again and turned the deadbolt. Then she turned to the man in her foyer.

She was prepared to be polite, let him do his thing and send him on his way. But when she looked at the man standing there, her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and all her breath was trapped in her lungs. Faith had told her Troy Arsenault was a former SEAL and as far as Summer was concerned, he could have been the poster boy for recruiting. He was as tall as Mark, with a lean runner’s body and deeply tanned skin. His light brown hair was just a tad long, curling at the neck of his shirt, the kind of hair a woman wanted to run her fingers through.

But it was his face that was the most arresting. Ruggedly handsome, like Mark, high cheekbones were slashes on either side of his nose and eyes the color of melted chocolate studied her from beneath unexpectedly dark eyebrows and lashes.

Holy crap!

Her reaction to him was hot and totally unexpected and she made a deliberate effort to tamp it down. For one thing, he was only here to make sure she was safe. For another, her history with men was so unpleasant that she’d decided to swear off them completely. The last thing she needed was to have her ruthlessly controlled hormones decide to take a walk on the wild side. How terribly inconvenient that those hormones chose this particular moment to start galloping through her system again. Maybe she should have insisted harder to Faith that she didn’t need anyone.

Formula For Danger

Running back to Texas after an emotional disaster in San Francisco, J. L. Mitchell, microbiologist, is throwing herself into the development of a new, drought-resistant grain. Little did she expect to reconnect with Cole Martin, who rings al her bells, or to discover that her formula was at risk of being highjacked. As her work progresses, so does her relationship with Cole. When she is kidnapped, he brings all the recourse of The Phoenix Agency, where he has just become a partner, into play, hoping they will be in time.


It’s J. L.” The man’s voice was hoarse with fear and anguish. “Someone’s taken her.”

Taken her?


Cole raked his fingers through his hair, furious with himself. He’d felt in his bones, correctly as it turned out, the whole thing was a setup. It enraged him people close to him had been used to pull this off and snatched J. L. right from under his nose.


Okay, think. You jerk. Hotshot covert ops agent. Do something. The woman you love needs you, so you’d better get your shit together.

“Good thing she was coming to see me,” Jed went on. “She said you wouldn’t want her alone while you went to your meeting, and I agreed. Good excuse for us to get together.”

“Spit it out, for god’s sake.”

“Okay, okay. Anyway, she called me when she and the guards left her lab like you told her to. When it was way past time for her to arrive, I got nervous. Antsy. I tried her cell but it went to voice mail. I had a funny feeling about this so I called Sheriff Davis. He has a patrol car on that highway all the time. I asked him to check and see if she needed help.”

“She had an agent with her,” Cole pointed out, “and two more in a trail car.”

“I-I didn’t think about that. Sorry.”

“And?” Cole ground his teeth. “

“The sheriff just called me. Not good, Cole. Both SUVs were a mess, all smashed up, and the guards with her had been knocked out cold with tranq darts. They were starting to wake up when the patrol car got there. The deputy called the sheriff who called me.”

“What did the guards say?”

“One of them, Kevin something, said a big garbage truck came out of a side drive and smashed into the vehicle J. L. rode in, skidded it around so they got the second one, too. J. L’s driver pushed her down and was just reaching for his gun when two guys in ski masks smashed out their windows and hit them with the darts. They’re all still at the place it happened.”

The goddamn windows, Cole thought. The reinforced SUVs still sat at Texas Armoring, nearly ready to be picked up. They were promised for the end of the week.

“Jesus, Cole.” Fear was evident in Jed’s voice. “Whoever’s been after her has realty gotten serious.”

Cole couldn’t disagree with the assessment. In seconds he was flooring the gas pedal and racing down the road, heading toward the highway location Jed had given him leaving the connection open. Only years of training allowed him to fight back the fear and concentrate on the situation at hand.


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