The Phoenix Agency

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If you missed launch day yesterday, The Phoenix Agency is now also a Kindle World. With terrific, best selling authors created memorable stories to launch this World. Below is just a taste of them.

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Meet the newest members of the Phoenix family

The Sum is Greater by M. L. Buchman: Come join the action as M. L. Buchman’s Night Stalkers fly into battle with Desiree Holt’s Phoenix Agency!

Valentine:Steel Heart by Jordan Dane: After a tragic killing on an Amtrak train, the Phoenix Agency use a mysterious covert operative, Braxton Valentine, as bait to lure a deadly cartel boss from hiding, but grief-stricken Valentine becomes their worst nightmare—a rogue operator with a death wish.

Lord Protecter by Kate Richards: In an effort to avoid an international incident, the Phoenix Agency employs Lord Henry Smythe to help with the case of a distant relation to the crown who’s fallen in with a man whose criminal roots span both sides of the Atlantic. It should be an easy job for a man with his training and intelligence. But he hasn’t yet met Amelia MacKay, a stubborn lady who when told to jump does not ask how high.

Bare Deception byTracy Tappan: Two rival agents. One goal. The clock is ticking, passions are rising…and someone is lying.

Eyes Wide Open by Cynthia Cooke: Jessica dreams of death–only now death has found her.

Arctic Burn by Amy Ruttan: He’d been burned once by her love…

The Lost Sister by Jen Talty: Betrayal, Treason… and love.

Blind Spot by Casey Hagen: He smiled at her and she took a step back. “Are you afraid of me?” Mason asked taking a step in her direction. Her eyes flickered to his, and then away. “No. Are you afraid of me?” she challenged with a raised brow. “Terrified,” he said quietly just a few inches from her.

Fatal Desires by Nicole Morgan: One man. Two women. An impossible choice.