Brand new from the pen of he multitalented Kate Richards


Tina Marie Wales is a witch on a mission. To get her life under control.  Her online herbal business is, growing exponentially, her familiars are at war with one another, and her magical pen pal, the Shifter Whisperer, is trying to help. Not to mention that she just bought a charming Victorian with a peculiar curse on it. And the next door  neighbor keeps growling at her. Not that it’s not sexy but…really! Growling?  She didn’t think he liked her at all until she received the invitation to dinner.

Yuvan Ursa moved to a small, serene town far from the rest of his pack and their crazy nightclub businesses. He’s an artist, a spiritual man, and a grizzly. After he’s enjoyed a serene six months of painting and yoga, the neighborhood has been invaded by a sexy, noisy redhead and her trio of equally noisy pets. What does a bear have to do to get a little peace? When he knocks on her door to complain, instead he finds himself asking her over to dine. Perhaps over his special Moroccan couscous they can come to an agreement. She can keep the racket down, and he can be happy. If only his brain could focus when faced with her curves.

Once they cross the line between their properties, combustion is likely, chaos is inevitable.


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