When the senior partner of The Phoenix Agency meets a woman who has precognitive visions, the present and the future collide, along with suspense, murder and passion!


The Phoenix Agency Book #2


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Mia Fleming’s precognitive visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid, she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company. She’s also having visions of a gorgeous man who arouses her to the point she’s satisfying herself just to get some relief. She’s shocked when the man shows up in her office, demanding to know what she knows about Carpenter.

Dan Romeo is just helping his friend track down the person threatening his company when he meets Mia. One look at her and he has a hard time thinking about anything but indulging in off-the-charts sex with the intriguing woman—until bodies begin falling. As Mia’s visions escalate, so does the explosive sex between her and Dan, as well as an unexpected emotional connection. When Mia is almost killed, Dan and his team must race to find the culprits before they can strike again—or put Mia down for good


“Looking for something special?”

She hadn’t heard the man come in and his voice startled her so. When she looked up she jerked her hand so hard she knocked over her coffee. It spilled onto her desk and dripped onto her skirt.

It was him! The man from her visions. But who was he? And what was he doing in her office?

“I’m sorry.” His voice was deep and rich, like warm, thick honey. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Mia closed her eyes, counted to ten, then opened them again, hoping he’d have disappeared.

“Miss Fleming?” She opened her eyes. He was still there. “Here, let me help you with that.”

He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on her desk and began mopping the liquid. Mia was frozen in place, unable to make herself move. How was this possible? How in the freakin’ hell was this possible?

He stopped, his hands full of soggy tissues. “Are you okay? You seem a little…out of it?”

Out of it? Mia thought that was one way of putting it.

“W-Who are you?” She couldn’t seem to stop looking at him. Was he real or another vision that had popped into her brain?

Like that man, he was well over six feet. Instead of the revealing boxers he wore a well-cut grey sports jacket and black slacks that looked as if they’d been custom-made for him. The lean body beneath the fabric was the same, though, what she could see of it, giving the impression it was all hard muscle. The same thick black hair now brushed the top of his black silk turtleneck. Dark eyes like onyx, fringed by thick lashes, were the centerpiece of a face with an olive complexion, high cheekbones and a classic nose.

And a hard look about his face that made a stone wall look soft.

Mia felt as if she’d been punched in the stomach. Sexuality radiated from the man, an invisible heat that made her mouth dry and her pulse speed up.

She dropped the files she’d been gathering out of the way, shock radiating through her. Had he really said that out loud or had she just imagined it? That damnable pulse at the core of her pussy was beating like a tom tom and her skin felt too hot and too tight.

She’d have to get to the ladies room and a sink full of water to repair the damage from the coffee. And cool down her blood. Luckily her computer sat on a side extension so the coffee didn’t get to it.

Taking a deep breath she forced herself to look at him. “I’m fine, sorry, you just startled me.”

When they’d cleaned up the debris and she’d tossed the tissues and wet papers in the trash, she sat back down at her desk, trying to compose herself. But when she looked at him again an arrow of heat pierced through her. His presence filled the room with an overwhelming sense of power that made the air vibrate.

Get real, Mia. You’re not the type of person who falls in lust with a total stranger like this. Especially this type of man.

Oh, no? her other self said. What about the vision? What about what happened yesterday?

She managed to pull herself together, trying to ignore the coffee stains on her grey skirt, checking to see that nothing had splashed on her tweed jacket, willing herself to keep it together.