Welcome to Barefoot Bay and seven new stories from Roxanne St. Claire’s delightful Kindle World

Angela Evans – Dangerously Distracted

Leslie Manning made the mistake of falling in love once, and other than her two beautiful sons, she has nothing good to show from the experience. She doesn’t need another man in her life now, but being a single mother is anything but easy. When a celebrity wedding brings a hunky security specialist to Barefoot Bay, Leslie is determined to keep him at arm’s length. Except the more she gets to know him, the more she wants to pull him closer.Angela Evans-1

Michael Duncan has built a business and a career by never leaving anything to chance and never missing a single detail that could put his clients in danger. That legendary focus is threatened any time Leslie is nearby. All too quickly, the only thing he wants to focus on is getting to know the young widow and her two rambunctious boys.

Michael relies on his skills to keep his clients safe, but no one’s record can be perfect. With all of Michael’s attention focused on keeping his celebrity client safe, and persuading Leslie to open her heart, Michael just might miss the one threat that matters the most.


Ava Branson- Twice Cherished

Wedding photographer Michaela “Micki” Dawson has built a successful studio creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces that capture the hopes and dreams of couples in love. Her own short-lived marriage didn’t go the distance, but it taught her a few things. Like how she’d never gotten over her first love. And crushing shame and guilt can haunt you mercilessly.Ava Branson

Successful marine architect to the ultra-wealthy, Devin Stockton has come a long way from the carefree nineteen-year-old surfer that lived for the next wave and a girl with huge chocolate brown eyes. A long way from working part-time in the boatyards. It had been twelve years since he’d watched the only woman he’d loved walk out of his life.

When their paths cross, the connection is instantaneous and sparks fly. But some secrets may be too big to forgive. Too hard to forget. And, may rip them apart for good.



Desiree Holt- Flying High

When Zeke Wallace’s uncle offered him the chance to fulfill his dreams with a job flying for his Alaska charter service, no way was Bailey George going to hold him back. Flying was Zeke’s life, maybe even before her. And it was no place for a brand new wife with a baby. Which is why she never told him about the unexpected, unplanned pregnancy. Or answered his letters or returned his calls. Instead she moved away, got her law degree and raised her son with the help of her family and friends.

But fate always throws a curveball. When Bailey is charged with rung a retreat for her law partners at Barefoot Bay Report and Spa, the last person she expects to run into is Zeke. It seems he bought his uncle’s business and moved it to Atlanta, and has just flown a client to Barefoot Bay.

They are stunned to see each other, but manage to get past the initial shock and Zeke’s anger at the way she cut him out of her life, and enjoy three wonderful days and nights, when she isn’t in meetings.

But any chance of a future comes to a shrieking halt when Bailey’s son, the image of Zeke, shows up at Barefoot Bay. Zeke is a raging maniac and Bailey’s son is none too happy. But Barefoot Bay is known for love and happiness and healing. Mabe it will work this time for three people temped by a future together.


EmKay Connor – Match Made in Heaven

Something is missing in his life, and Damon Drake hopes Perfect Match, the TV reality dating show, can help him find it.

EmKay Connor\Damon Drake has it all…almost. A world-class triathlete and athletic-gear mogul, he’s at the top of his game physically and financially. Despite an active social life that includes some of the world’s most beautiful women, he still hasn’t found his ideal mate. After he catches an episode of Perfect Match, Damon decides to see if technology can find that one perfect woman created just for him.

When semi-nude pictures taken at a private photo shoot were accidentally posted online, war veteran amputee Rainey Hart became an overnight sensation. Turning adversity to triumph yet again, she’s used her celebrity status to advocate for other veterans. Unfortunately, the public’s adoration has not carried over into her personal life. Since the biggest obstacle for most men seems to be her missing limb, Rainey decides to bare body and soul on national TV in the name of love.

Jennifer Perkins – Second Chance Summer

Love can be messy and Mia Duncan hadn’t forgotten the guy who broke her heart causing her to leave Mimosa Key. After all, she thought Scott would be ‘the one.’ She believed in true love and happy ever after’s, until she saw him embracing a red head. Now back in Mimosa Key, Mia has taken over the mortgage payments for her aunt’s cottage while trying to make it big with her start up software company, all while trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend.Jennifer Perkins

The trouble with break ups is that there’s always another side to the story. Scott Chase knows this all too well. Hired by Mia’s step father to fix up the cottage, Scott decided this was his second chance. His second chance to right a wrong, but does her step father have something else in mind that can tear them apart for good?


Karen Ann Dell – Flight Risk

Argosy Charters will get a big step up into the world of the 1% from this cross-promotion with the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa. Everything is looking up for Owen’s company — until his old Air Force buddy, now an FBI agent, convinces him to help with a drug smuggler sting operation. Nothing goes as planned and the feisty brunette who is collateral damage literally falls into his arms.Karen Ann Dell

Miranda’s first impression of Owen Ziegfeld wasn’t a positive one. So when she finds him in her kitchen the following morning, things get physical — and not in a good way. Called into her boss’s office mere hours later, she informed that Owen is a pilot, and the owner of the new charter jet service she’s supposed to hype to guests.

There’s hot chemistry between them, but when he discovers that she was a pilot, now grounded by her fear of flying, Miranda worries her silence might alienate the man she’s falling hard for.

As the sting spirals out of control, events put Miranda back in the cockpit, while Owen fights to keep the woman he loves alive.


Shirley Hailstock – Counterfeit Treasure

Seven years ago April Quinn set a time bomb and it’s about to detonate.   During an interrupted vacation, she leaves an incriminating package hidden at the Eden Paradise house. Now the house is to be demolished and April’s life, reputation and business hinges on retrieving it. Expecting a quick trip in and out of Barefoot Bay, she’s thwarted when access to the house is restricted by an imposter posing as a man she knows is dead. However, staying close to him could lead her to the treasure she hid, if only she can keep her heart out of the plan.Shirley Hailstock

Richard Steele, following in his father’s footsteps, joined the Treasury Department and became a counterfeiting investigator.  Discovering that the only link to his father’s last case is about to be torn down, he goes to Barefoot Bay and collides with the one woman who may know the whole truth about his father’s death. Unfortunately, she pushes all the right buttons and soon his heart is in as much jeopardy as his life.

Will they have a future together or will everything they want explode in the demolition?