Today is a day, celebrated since 1621, to give thanks for who we are ad what we have and the riches life gives us. For me, I am very thankful for my friends, my wonderful readers, the bloggers who help me, the reviewers who are always honest about my books, the publishers who contract me and the editors who nourish me.


But most of all I am thankful for my wonderful family,—my children, their spouses, my granddaughter. I am truly, truly, truly blessed.


Celebrations take all kinds of shapes. Some people travel, some make dinner at home, some join a community dinner. My son and I are blessed to be part of a group that includes anywhere from 35 to 50 people with enough food toffee all of us for the weekend. If I asked for one more thing to be thankful for, it would be that the rest of my family could be here, also.


So today is a day off for me to give thanks for all of you and enjoy being with some wonderful people.