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He’s found his true mate at last—but she’s caught in a deadly trap.

Australian Xander Moore is one of a secret cadre of humans who can shift into the form of a snow leopard. His predator side is gorgeous and deadly. He’s also lonely. Somewhere out there is his true mate … if he can find her before the Triggers destroy them all.
To the team he leads in search of the brutal Triggers, Xander is known for his calm strength in the midst of danger. But when he glimpses the mate he’s dreamt of for years, he’s torn between the mission and his instinctive drive to protect and claim. Xander loses focus, leading to dire consequences.
British visitor Rachel Bell is caught in a trap. Her boyfriend’s offer of a job to extend her visa has turned into forced servitude in his bar. The night he beats her and locks her in their apartment, she’s desperate enough to get help the only way she can—by starting a fire.
When her abuser attacks her brave rescuers, Rachel discovers she herself may be a deadly weapon. Is she brave enough to unleash her shocking new abilities and save them all?

Exclusive Excerpt:fierceguardian-400x600

Rachel made a noise like she was choking and Xander spun toward her. Her gaze bounced between him and Choden. He reached to take her palms in his and her skin was cold and sweaty.

“Is everyone I’ve met in Tasmania in on this hoax?”

She believed they were attempting to trick her, his heart ached at her suffering.

“This is all truth, baby girl. I know it’s a lot to take in but shifters are real. I am a shifter, as is Kit and all the men who used to come into Classic Convicts with me.”

She hadn’t pulled from his touch, but her gaze clearly told him she thought he was insane.

“Choden? Could I please ask you to guard the doorway so I can show Rachel my leopard?”

You didn’t tell the original shifter to do anything. He was mysterious but kind, so Xander hoped he’d worded his request respectfully enough that the man would agree.

Choden dipped his head for a moment then made his way from the room. He closed the door and Xander didn’t doubt he was standing against the other side. He gently placed Rachel’s hands on the bed before he moved to the corner of the room where he’d have enough space to shift comfortably. Then he started to strip from his clothes.

“I have the same mind whether I’m animal or man, so don’t be scared. Like me, my leopard would never do you any harm.”

“And you’re giving me a striptease why?”

Her eyes had darkened and her voice deepened as she watched him pull his shirt over his head.

“If we shift while wearing clothes, we shred them. It’s why all of us keep a change of clothes in our cars, just in case we have to shift in a hurry.”

Easily sensing how much Rachel was struggling with everything, he wasted no time stripping his lower half and calling on his leopard. He’d preen and flex his muscles for her some other time. As his vision turned blue from the glow of his change he saw her eyes go wide in shock. He blinked then tilted his head up to see her from his now lower height.

She had a palm pressed to her chest and her mouth hung open.

“Oh bloody hell, you really did it. You really turned into a damn cat!”

He padded toward her and when she stiffened, he started purring. Keeping his head lowered, trying to look less intimidating, he approached the bed. Not giving her time to panic, he slid his muzzle over her lap so he could rub the side of his head gently against her belly. He kept the contact light so he wouldn’t aggravate any of her injuries.

She tentatively touched his ear and it automatically twitched at the contact. When she then sunk her whole hand into the fur on the top of his head he closed his eyes with a louder purr. Her touch was divine, no matter what form he was in.